What do you do this Halloween? Have you made any plans to bring a space filled with magical colors to welcome the festival for your family? Check out how to make Halloween lanterns with pineapple to decorate the table below.

As you know, every year on October 31, people around the world welcome Halloween through the familiar pumpkin image, but in the past 1-2 years, the image of pineapple has been meticulously decorated, bizarre. Halloween style standards are very popular. Let’s see.

Materials and tools

– Pineapple: 1 fruit (should choose large and long fruit)

– Knife

– Melon baller spoon (or use a regular spoon)

– Candles (should choose the one with an aluminum outer cover)


Step 1: Use a knife to cut the top of the pineapple about 2-3cm from the pineapple stem.

Step 2: Use a knife to separate the core of the fruit, then use a spoon to skillfully scrape the intestines inside, paying attention to avoid forcefully damaging the pineapple skin.

Step 3: Once you’ve scraped the insides of the pineapple, use a knife to cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth to make it look like a pumpkin, or optionally for a ghostly style.

Step 4: Light the candle and put the inside of the pineapple with a lid and you’re done.

Finished product

If you want to add more magic to the lanterns, spray painting them to decorate them to make them come to life.

Another plus point for using pineapple instead of pumpkin is that it is quite cheap, can be easily transformed and decorated into lanterns, but they are also super delicious and super nutritious fruits. Why don’t you try and share the pictures with us. Good luck.

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