Every mother wants her baby to be born full of everything, taking care of the baby from the smallest things. Below, I will outline the must-have items for babies that mothers should not miss.

When choosing baby clothes, you should choose those that are made of safe materials. Shopping for girls or boys is not much different, mothers just need to choose a little different color to match each baby. Mothers should also consider how much to buy each type of utensils to avoid waste.

first List of newborn items to prepare for your baby

Newborn baby shirt: 5 pieces

Newborn shirt for babyNewborn shirt for baby

Newborn baby shirt buttoned on one side or tied. In the early stages after birth, the baby is still quite immature, the baby’s neck is still weak, so wearing a pullover will be difficult or unsafe for the baby. Therefore, mothers often use button-down or tie-up shirts for their babies.

Newborn baby pants: 10 pieces

Baby pants for babiesBaby pants for babies

Pants for both winter and summer should use long pants to help the baby have a warmer body temperature and eliminate harmful bacteria to the body.

Overalls: help the baby can move easily and keep the body warm better.

Square diapers: 3 pieces

Square DiapersSquare Diapers

Mothers should use square diapers to help save costs, according to experience, babies only use them in the first 2 weeks after birth.

Diapers (2 packs)


Diapers: indispensable items for babies in this infancy. Depending on the family budget, mothers can choose suitable diapers for their babies from affordable ones like Bobby, Huggies or to more expensive ones like Merries, Moony, Goon… However, for girls, in the first year, Mothers should choose good diapers for their babies to avoid diaper rash like Pampers diapers.

Types of towels for babies

Types of towels for babiesTypes of towels for babies

Towels bucket (30 pieces): This type of towel should be bought by mothers about 30 or more because it is used for a variety of babies such as to absorb milk, bathe or clean the baby when needed.

Towels (2 pieces) Keep baby warm and dry after bathing, keeping body heat. Mothers should choose soft, smooth fabrics to avoid causing scratches to the baby.

Baby wrap (2 pieces): Mothers should use this towel to wrap the baby warm when there is a change in the environment.

Socks, mittens, gloves (10 pairs)

Socks, gloves, and mittensSocks, gloves, and mittens

Whatever the season, you should keep your baby’s hands and feet warm.

Waterproof lining (1 sheet)

This item helps mothers avoid spilling baby’s waste on the bed. Mothers should choose pads with materials that are easy to clean.

Baby bath tub (1 pc)

Mothers should prepare a long bath tub, with a hole at the bottom + support for bathing the baby (like a father’s chair, or a hammock stuck in the bath)


1-2 soft hats for summer, closed hats for winter to use when your baby is out in the open.



Shoe: In the first year of life, mothers only need to buy their children soft shoes like walking shoes or just wear socks for them. According to a study, children should not wear hard shoes until they are stable because hard shoes will affect the development of their feet.

Health related items

  • Thermometer For babies from 0-12 months, you should buy a thermometer for the forehead and ears.
  • Scissors or cut toenails Keep your baby clean and protected from bacteria. Parents should choose a sharp and small type, suitable for hand size to easily cut nails and not hurt baby’s skin.

Other items

  • Anti-rash cream: 1 box
  • Screen shot: 1 pc
  • Shower gel: 1 bottle (baby wash and wash type)
  • Ear buds: 1 box
  • Medical alcohol: 2 bottles (wash the baby’s umbilical cord)
  • Silicone spoon: 2 pieces
  • Physiological saline: 2 blisters
  • Medical cotton: 2 bags
  • Navel band: 15 boxes
  • Tongue gauze: 5 boxes used to clean the baby’s tongue when it is irritable when breastfeeding
  • Milk bottles: 2 bottles
  • Milk bottle brush: 1 set
  • Pillows and pillows: 1 set (buy or sew extra covers to replace the baby).
  • Diaper pants: 10 pieces in size 4.5kg, 10 pieces in 5.7kg

2 The experience of buying newborn baby clothes is economical and effective

The experience of buying newborn baby clothes is economical and effectiveThe experience of buying newborn baby clothes is economical and effective

  • Make a list before you buy: This is a definite prerequisite step to do before buying to save time and waste and expense.
  • Need to limit budget: Often if there is no budget limit, mothers can go overboard when buying things for their children.
  • Choose to buy according to the level of need: In order not to buy excess, or lack of necessary items, you should choose to buy according to the level of need.
  • Choose from a variety of sizes: Babies often grow very quickly in the first months of life, you should choose products such as cribs, bath tubs, clothes, … a little wider than the real size!

Indeed, there are many essential newborn items for mothers and babies before birth, isn’t it? Hopefully with the list above, my mother has pocketed useful information for me and will not miss an item.