Lemongrass contains essential oils that have the ability to deodorize and have a very pleasant mild fragrance. Lemongrass can be used to deodorize the kitchen. I tried it and it worked, so I’ll share it with you guys.

The kitchen is a place to prepare daily dishes, many different foods, and is also a place with the main humidity, so it is easy to accumulate odor-causing bacteria around the kitchen. In order to have a cool kitchen, step in and want to cook immediately, one of the popular ways to deodorize is to use lemongrass essential oil, but this is both expensive and time consuming.

Lemongrass contains lemongrass essential oil with a mild fragrance, used to deodorize very well. So you can use lemongrass to deodorize the kitchen, lemongrass is easy to buy and cheap. In addition, the oil in lemongrass has a very good mosquito repellent effect.

How to deodorize the kitchen with lemongrass

Prepare 3 to 4 lemongrass plants, smashed out for the lemongrass plant to secrete aromatic oil. Should choose fresh lemongrassleaves are still green to deodorize more effectively.

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You can cut the lemongrass plant in half, and then hang it in the corner of the kitchen. Note that you should not hang it too close to the stove because the heat when cooking will make the lemongrass plant dry and gradually lose its essential oils.

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The essential oil in lemongrass will be released slowly, gradually eliminating the smell in the kitchen, you will see results after one night. This method works for about a week there, then you replace the new lemongrass.

Using lemongrass to deodorize is an effective way, but you need to regularly clean and clean the kitchen to limit the smell.

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