It can be frustrating to pull out a favorite item from the washing machine and find it shrinking, sagging or damaged…you’ve probably experienced it at least once. Those are the times when you should pay more attention to the meaning of laundry symbols on clothing care labels.

The laundry symbols can seem quite confusing when you first come across them, they are almost like another language in and of themselves. They help you know exactly how to wash and dry, as well as provide more information on bleaching and ironing. Find out more in the article below.

firstLaundry symbol

The first is the washing symbol, which is considered the initial basic notation for the symbols that are later represented by the image of a basin full of water. The symbols can tell you what temperature and mode of washing your clothes should be best suited for.

2Symbols for using bleach

Using bleach in washing clothes is very normal and common. Therefore, you should also pay attention to which detergents can be used with which clothes through the symbols on the clothing labels.

Unlike other types of laundry symbols that all use the shape of a water basin, the triangle will be a symbol to help you identify the types of detergent used for your clothes.

3Symbols for spinning and drying clothes

The basic drying symbol consists of a square containing a circle inside, similar to the washing symbol they also specify the number of dots inside the circle corresponding to the drying temperature level at 3 low-temperature drying levels, normal and high temperatures.

4Instruction symbol for ironing (is) clothes

On the side of the symbol for drying clothes, we also have a symbol for ironing clothes, they use the image of an iron with a number of dots corresponding to the temperature that can be gradually increased.

5Symbols for dry cleaning of clothes

The symbol for dry cleaning of clothes is to use a circle, note that when the clothing label has a dry cleaning symbol, it means that the product needs special care from the user (usually wool, silk, etc.). …). You should wash by hand and use fabric softeners designed specifically for this fabric or softeners that do not contain enzymes, bleach or color lighteners…

Hopefully the above information will help you in the process of washing clothes effectively to keep your favorite shirts and pants beautiful and durable over time. Good luck.