Kyoho grape jelly is being loved by many young people recently, with an interesting way to enjoy. Let’s find out how to eat and eat as delicious as rumors in this article.

Today I will review for you a very hot jelly on the market that is Kyoho grape jelly. This product is special in that, in order to eat it, we have to take an object with a sharp tip, pierce the outer rubber layer to be able to eat the jelly inside.

Watch a detailed review clip of Kyoho grapes here.

firstSome information about Kyoho grapes

Kyoho grape is a Japanese grape variety since 1946 and is very popular in Japan and Korea in recent years.

Kyoho grape is a cross between varieties American Ishiharawase and grape varieties Europe Centennial. The name Kyoho means “mighty” nice “big mountain” refers to the large size of the Kyoho grape.

Currently, kyoho grapes are grown a lot in Korea, especially here grown by organic methods, grown entirely in greenhouses, so they are absolutely clean, have a very special delicious taste.

Kyoho grape jelly is super hot 400k/pack but is it worth it?

The characteristics of Kyoho grapes are large round fruits, thick skins that are easy to peel, 1-2 seeds, soft, sweet and fragrant with alcohol.

Grape skins are very good for health such as: Strengthens resistance, anti-aging, has a detoxifying effect… The resveratrol content in grape skins is richer than in grape flesh and seeds, and has the same effect Reduce blood fat, prevent blood clots, prevent atherosclerosis and strengthen the body’s immune system.

Regular eating of grapes help for healthyhelp quick recovery for people with chronic anemia, patients with high blood pressure, bronchitis, gout, gastritis and constipation.


Kyoho grape jelly is super hot 400k/pack but is it worth it?

Holding in hand, the product has Grape packaging quite eye catching. To be able to get the jellies out, you need scissors to cut because the packaging is quite tough. With such a bag we will have 11 fruit Kyoho grape jelly for VND 360,000. Equivalent 33,000 VND/tabletIt’s quite expensive but I don’t know if it’s delicious or not?

Pour grape jelly on a plate, the first feeling is the aroma, smells like grape syrup so, in addition, there is a slight rubbery smell.

Kyoho grape jelly is super hot 400k/pack but is it worth it?

Grape jelly wrapped with a layer of rubber, and has a steel bracket. This layer of condoms very tough, I tried squeezing hard but still can’t break. Drop it from above, then jelly “jumpy” like the rubber ball I used to play when I was a kid.

Kyoho grape jelly is super hot 400k/pack but is it worth it?

In addition, this rubber layer will definitely health safety because this is a product for the Japanese and Korean markets, both of which are countries Put health first.

The way to take out the grape jelly is also quite interesting, you need an object spike, stab the jelly hard to break the rubber layer, you can also use scissors to cut it. Who do you like? “stab”, “poke” I’m sure you’ll love it this way. I was startled a few times when I stabbed.

Kyoho grape jelly is super hot 400k/pack but is it worth it?

Now I try to bite it, the first impression that I get is very similar to the normal grape jelly that I often eat. Beyond feeling cool, slightly sour, tough Other than that, there is no obvious difference.

This product may be more likely to be liked by many children, but when feeding your baby, please pay attention Divide the jelly into small pieces make it easier for the baby to eat because the jelly is also quite chewy.

Kyoho grape jelly is super hot 400k/pack but is it worth it?


I will give this Kyoho grape 6 points. 5 points for quality and 1 point for interesting eating. If someone gives it, I will take it, but if I spend money to buy it a second time, I won’t buy it. The first is because the price is quite expensive, the second is that the taste is not really excellent, too ordinary, not making me have to buy again.

This product in my opinion is not really worth the money I spent to buy. But for those of you who like this interesting way of eating or want to try to know the feeling of eating like youtubers or eat, you can also buy it to experience.

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