In addition to bathing babies with bath milk or hot water, many mothers still have the habit of using leaves or herbs. However, the baby’s skin is often very sensitive, so not all leaves should be used by the mother. Here are the 4 most benign and safest leaves that are often used to bathe babies.

Betel leaf is not

According to traditional medicine, betel leaves are not pungent, warm and have a pungent aroma, so they have the effect of preventing room, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. Therefore, from ancient times, grandparents often picked betel leaves to bathe their children. Not only good for baby’s sensitive skin, but also very effective in treating heat rash.

How to use: Each time you bathe your baby, pick about 10 betel leaves. Crush and boil water and then mix with warm water to bathe the baby.

Use betel leaves to bathe babies

Green tea leaves

Like betel leaves, green tea leaves are very benign, have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are extremely effective. Accordingly, green tea leaves can treat inflammatory skin diseases for babies such as diaper rash, skin sores, rashes and urticaria.

How to use: Pick about 1 handful of green tea leaves and cook with bath water. When mixing bath water, add a few grains of salt. Bathe your baby about twice a week with green tea leaves to treat skin diseases.

Use green tea leaves to bathe babies

star fruit leaves

You may not know, star fruit leaves are also very effective in treating skin diseases such as rashes, atopic dermatitis, and heat rash. Using star fruit leaves to bathe your baby not only cleans the skin but also helps the baby have a smooth skin.

Use star fruit leaves to bathe babies

How to use: Pick star fruit leaves, wash, boil with water and then cool. Then take out the leaves, extract the water to bathe the baby. Starfruit leaves can make your baby’s skin dull if bathed too much. You should only bathe your baby about 3 times a week.


This is a very easy to find herb. You can use it to bathe your baby. Using this leaf water to bathe your baby not only cleans the skin but also treats some common acne.

How to use: Use a handful of marjoram leaves washed with salt, then crushed and boiled for about 15 minutes, mixed with warm water and bathed for the baby.

Use marjoram leaves to bathe babies

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Mothers need to be especially careful that baby’s skin is very sensitive. When using leaves to bathe children, the mother needs to wash the leaves thoroughly, continue bathing only if the baby’s skin shows no abnormal signs, do not bathe children with water when the skin is scratched or festering. Hopefully, the above sharing of Bach Hoa XANH will help mothers with young children.