Kirin Imuse, the new drink of Kirin Group, has just been launched and is highly appreciated by experts for the digestive system. Let’s find out what makes this drink so special.

Recently, Kirin Group has launched a new product line, Kirin Imuse, which is a nutritional drink product line with yogurt and lemon flavor. Today I am also lucky to hold this product in my hand to review for you Kirin Imuse, helping you to have more information to choose this product line.

firstOn the hand of Kirin Imuse

Kirin Imuse was born with a dwarf bottle with a capacity of 280ml. The packaging of Kirin Imuse is designed very fresh, it seems that Kirin wants to convey to everyone a strong and healthy vitality when using this product.

Turn the bottle a little and you will immediately see information about the ingredients, nutritional values ​​and instructions for use of Kirin Imuse. The most special in that ingredient is Lactococcus Lactis Plasma.

According to my research, Lactococcus lactis Plasma is a strain of lactic acid bacteria found for the first time in the world has the ability to directly activate plasmacytoid dendritic cells, one of the immune control towers thereby activating the entire immune system chain, contributing to protection against bacterial and viral infections. This is a positive effect that no other beneficial bacteria can do.

Thanks to the supply of beneficial bacteria Lactococcus lactis Plasma that The body’s immunity will be further improved, limit colds and flu, improve work performance, limit bad health conditions and minimize fatigue caused by intense activities. Besides, Lactococcus lactis Plasma also supports women’s skin care very well, making skin smooth, bright and healthy.

It’s a very healthy drink, isn’t it? But tonic is one thing, I don’t know if this drink is good or not.

2Try Kirin Imuse

Kirin Imuse drink is milky white, just opening the lid can immediately smell the characteristic lemon flavor of this product, but it is difficult to detect its yogurt flavor.

A special feature of Kirin Imuse that users should note is that at the bottom of the bottle there will be a phenomenon of re-settlement. According to the company’s information, this is a normal phenomenon due to the soy fiber content, so you can rest assured, it is not because the product is damaged.

Taking a sip of Kirin Imuse, I immediately felt the sour taste of lemon, adding a little fat of milk mixed together to create a very delicious taste. One point that I appreciate the product is the moderate, natural sweetness, not too sweet, very pleasant and comfortable to drink.

I think with this level of sweetness, it’s still acceptable for people who like or don’t like sweet drinks.

So I did a quick review of Kirin Imuse. Hopefully some of the above information will help you understand more about the product and decide whether to buy this product or not.

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