Sanitary napkins are a companion for women on the red light day, I would like to introduce to you the number 1 Japanese sanitary napkin that is being trusted by many people.

Currently, there are many types of tampons to help women have more choices, each type will have its own advantages. Now that Japan’s No. 1 sanitary pad has appeared, which is the ultra-thin Sofy Body Fit tampon, let’s find out why it was voted No. 1 in Japan in the article below.

firstSuper fit

Japan's No. 1 best sanitary napkin has been found

Sanitary napkins are designed to fit size is 21cm, helps women not to be exposed when wearing tight dresses, making them more confident and comfortable.

2Super thin surface

Besides the fit smooth ice surface, Fits when in motion to help women always feel dry and comfortable, relieves the fear of overflowing.

3Super moisture wicking bottom surface

Super soft cotton face and Moisture Release bottom surface Helps keep skin supple.

4Absolutely absorbent material

Japan's No. 1 best sanitary napkin has been found

The tape is extracted with non-woven fabric, Cellulose cotton, super absorbent beads, Tissue paper, PE for absolute absorption, thanks to this ability, you are not afraid of spills even on many days.

Besides, with High-adhesive polymer material helps stick to pantsnot afraid of falling or being moved every time you move.

5Suitable for sensitive skin

The product is odorless and equipped with additional antibacterial properties for optimal protection, especially Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Sofy Body Fit sanitary napkins super thin wings The current price is about 59,000 VND for 22 pieces It is also very suitable for the needs of many people today.

It is for the above reasons that the Sofy Body Fit sanitary napkin has become the number one in Japan and is being used by many women on the red light day.

Sofy Body Fit ultra-thin sanitary napkins can be ordered at Phunudaily: