You think giving gifts on October 20 is just flowers and chocolates? So let me suggest you a few more “spiritual gifts”, ensuring your girl will be happy all day.

Vietnamese Women’s Day is celebrated on October 20 every year, this is considered a holiday with the meaning of honoring women. On this holiday, all women in Vietnam are invited to express their care and respect in various forms. Besides the in-kind gifts such as flowers, chocolates, .., the sisters also got a “big smile” because of the images made on October 20 below.

This is me, comforting myself on October 20This is me, comforting myself on October 20

The heart of the The heart of the “brother” every time it comes to October 20

The most meaningful gift for momThe most meaningful gift for mom

Pictures of boyfriends when Vietnamese Women's Day is approachingPictures of boyfriends when Vietnamese Women’s Day is approaching

Try to fully charge it to buy a gift for your girlfriendTry to fully charge it to buy a gift for your girlfriend

Don't enter, it's dangerousDon’t enter, it’s dangerous

The end of asking for gifts 10/20The end of asking for gifts 10/20

No need for extravagant, sophisticated or expensive gifts, you just need to give your sincere heart to the other half of the world. Or, simply making them laugh every day is enough. Wishing all women every day is October 20, always be happy and happy.