Using condoms for safe sex, but do you know, understand and choose the right size of condom compared to the size of the penis? Refer to this article to know the condom sizes and see where on the box.

Not only are they designed according to size, but manufacturers also encourage men to choose a condom with the most suitable size for the penis to ensure safety in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Highest pleasure during intercourse.

firstAre condoms sized?

Condoms still come in sizes and come in many different sizes. The size of each person’s penis is not the same, especially between regions, according to genetics and location.

We usually do not need to care about the length of the condom, because Their lengths are usually selected at 170 mm, 180 mm and 190 mm .most of this length will not be used up.

Choosing the right condom size will help users avoid accidents such as tearing the condom, slipping the condom during sex. The condom with the right size also hugs the penis tightly, giving a more comfortable, “real” feeling during intercourse.

2Where can I see the size of the condom on the product box?

Are condoms sized?  See where on the box and popular sizes

Please turn over the box with product information, in addition to usage and storage, production unit and expiry date… you will easily see the size information of the condom.

3The most popular condom size in Vietnam

According to research by medical organizations, the average size of a Vietnamese male penis is about 9.5 – 11 cm when erect, calculated according to the outer border of 1 circle of the penis when reaching an erection state.

Here are some common condom sizes:

Are condoms sized?  See where on the box and popular sizes

Small size: Width 49 mmused for men whose penis size circumference when erect is less than 110 mm.

Medium Size: 53 . Width mm, used for men with penis circumference when erect from 111 – 125 mm.

Large size: 56 mm . wideused for penis circumference when erection is greater than 126 mm.

If you do not know the information about the size of the condom you intend to use, do not hesitate to consult the seller, so that you can choose the right product, use it effectively and safely.