Pregnant women often worry about musculoskeletal diseases during pregnancy and try to absorb as many vitamins and calcium as possible. However, is the sunbathing method safe for pregnant women? Let’s find out with Bach Hoa XANH!

Currently, there are no specific studies that prove that sunbathing outdoors has an adverse effect on the fetus. However, UV rays from the sun will harm the health of pregnant women. For example, skin cancer, which causes rapid aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

How does sunbathing affect pregnant women?

Sunbathing destroys folic acid needed to nourish the fetus

During pregnancy, pregnant women need to maintain the amount of folic acid in the body. Because this is a substance that helps the fetus develop healthy nerves.

Sunbathing during the first trimester (weeks 1 – 12) and the second trimester (weeks 12 – 26) will cause folic acid to be destroyed by UV rays. This seriously affects the fetus because this is the time it takes for the baby’s brain to develop.

An Australian study suggested that maternal exposure to UV rays during the first trimester was the cause of multiple sclerosis in children.

Note when pregnant mothers sunbathe

Pregnant women should apply sunscreen to avoid UV rays

Although UV rays are harmful to the health of the fetus, if sunbathing properly and using the right sunscreen will help pregnant women prevent postpartum osteoporosis effectively.

Pregnant women’s skin is often more sensitive to sunlight due to hormonal changes in the body. Therefore, pregnant women should use sunscreen to avoid sunburn or skin pigmentation.

Should pregnant women use sunscreen?

Note when using sunscreen for pregnant women

To prevent UV rays from affecting the fetus, besides direct sunbathing, pregnant women can use sunbathing creams. The chemicals in these products usually don’t penetrate the first layer of skin. However, to be on the safe side, consult your doctor before using sunbathing products.

Pregnant women are advised to use lotion-based sunscreens instead of sprays. Because you can inhale the chemicals in the product that affect the fetus. Choose products that are right for your skin and carefully review the ingredients before you buy.

To prevent musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoporosis during pregnancy, pregnant women should supplement calcium through natural foods and use sunscreen if needed. You should limit exposure to direct sunlight for too long because UV rays are not good for the fetus.

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