Hand sanitizer gels and masks are extremely hot products on the market. There are many types of hand sanitizer gel, so in this article, try to learn about On1 dry hand gel.

On1 hand sanitizer gel is produced by Vietnam Chemical Group Vinachem – Lixco, inspired by nature, safe for health. Currently, there are many brands of hand sanitizer on the market, but in this article, let’s learn about On1 dry hand gel.

firstVery good bactericidal

On1 hand sanitizer gel contains ingredients: ethanol, glycerin, carbomer, … with high antibacterial ability. Therefore, this product is considered a good hand washing product, no different from ordinary hand sanitizers.

Very good bactericidalVery good bactericidal

2Doesn’t dry out skin

In addition, in the composition of the product, it also adds moisturizers, supporting moisturizing and softening hand skin.

3Pleasant fragrance

Extracted from natural ingredients, the scents of On1 dry hand gel have a cool, gentle natural fragrance, suitable for all subjects.

Is On1 hand sanitizer good?  Why are so many people using it?

4Save more

The product is produced in gel form, so it is more concentrated and economical than normal liquid hand sanitizer.

5Do not rinse with water

When used with On1 dry hand gel, you do not have to rinse with water, very quickly and conveniently. That’s why On1 dry hand sanitizer gel is often used in public places such as hospitals, hotels, waiting rooms, … places where many people often go back and forth.

Is On1 hand sanitizer good?  Why are so many people using it?

Reference: Review gel, is On1 hand sanitizer good? How much?

So through this article, you have a better understanding of this On1 dry hand gel. This is a good product that you can choose for home use. In addition to regularly washing your hands, remember to wear a mask every time you go out.

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