During pregnancy, many women want to drink soft drinks to satisfy their cravings. But during pregnancy, soft drinks have bad effects on the fetus as well as the health of pregnant women or not is always a question of many mothers. Let Bach Hoa XANH answer through the following article.

Increased risk of diabetes

The main ingredients of soft drinks are water and a fairly large amount of sugar, continuous use will make Sugar bodycause effect on weight of mom.

Worse they can build up sugar in the blood, cause gestational diabetes and blood pressure disease.

Soft drinks cause gestational diabetes

Miscarriage – premature birth

Delicious taste, easy to drink, stimulating taste makes it difficult for pregnant mothers to resist, but they also Contains 1 amount of caffeine Not good for the health of pregnant women and babies.

According to studies show that a mother’s day Pregnant women consume more than 200mg of caffeine (about 5 cans of Coca Cola) will be easy to face risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

Mothers using soft drinks increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth

Impact on children’s health

A study that tested soft drinks on guinea pigs during pregnancy showed that the pups were born with birth defects.

From there, it can be seen that soft drinks not only affect the health of pregnant women but also impact on children’s healthmaybe cause birth defects in children.

Soft drinks cause birth defects in babies

Increased risk of cancer

Hormonal and hormone changes make the resistance decrease, the mother’s body is also much more sensitive during pregnancy.

According to studies, soft drinks contain Methymadizole – one of the causes of cancer. The formula of soft drinks creates insulin – substance activating and nourishing the tumor.

So if the mother uses soft drinks regularly, The risk of cancer increases greatly.

Pregnant women use soft drinks, increase the risk of cancer

The aging process accelerates

When pregnant women use soft drinks, the content Phosphoric acid in the body is out of balanceif they are higher than possible affects the heart, kidneys and causes osteoporosis.

At the same time, soft drinks create a feeling of fullness but do not provide energy, adversely affecting the mother’s health and harmful to the development of the fetus.

Soft drinks accelerate the aging process of mothers

Reduced ability to absorb nutrients

Caffeine is present in soft drinks reduced iron absorptionat the same time they are always make mom feel fullso that The body will not want to take in more nutritious foods other.

From here, the mother’s body always feels tired, dizzy, anemia, body weakness, not enough nutrition to supply the fetus.

Soft drinks reduce the ability of mother and baby to absorb nutrients

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Reference information: yeutre.vn

In general, soft drinks are not harmful to the health of mothers and babies if used in small amounts. Wishing you and your baby all the best during your pregnancy.