Plums are often ripe in the summer, are sweet and sour fruits, so they are still loved by women. Are plums good for the health of pregnant women and fetuses? What should pregnant women pay attention to to fully enjoy the benefits of this fruit?

Plums and unexpected uses

Abundant magnesium in plums helps regulate contractions between muscles, avoiding uterine contractions so that the mother will avoid premature birth.

Plums contain a lot of Vitamin C to support The body absorbs iron bettersimultaneously Improve immune system.

Antioxidants and Potassium Help Mom Reduce stress, stabilize blood pressure. Plums help prevent hemophilia thanks to Vitamin K, at the same time they also help mom stabilize blood sugar.

Not only that, plums also help Prevent constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancyhelps the mother’s bones stay strong.

Plums and unexpected usesPlums and unexpected uses

Side effects when using plums

Oxalat is one of the components of plums, if eaten too much will forming kidney stones for mothers with kidney diseaseso the body will have kidney-related symptoms such as bloody urine, back pain, fever, fatigue…

Rich in nutrition, but plums contain very little energy, even though the mother eats a lot of plums, she still feels full, but does not provide enough energy for the body. Therefore, it is best to eat only 200g of plums per day and pay attention to nutrition and energy from other foods.

Side effects when using plums

Note when pregnant women eat plums

– Plums have a sweet and sour taste, which is easy to cause stomach upset, so mom Avoid eating too much at one time and do not eat when hungry.

– The antioxidants of plums are often concentrated in the skin, so the mother also Do not peel when eating.

– Soak plums in salt water for 10-20 minutesthen rinse before eating.

Note when pregnant women eat plums

Plums are very good for the health of pregnant women as well as the fetus, but mothers should avoid abusing plums or eating plums improperly, which adversely affects the health of themselves and their babies.