When the children are sick or in poor health, mothers often have the habit of feeding their children carrots and beets to nourish them. So is this correct way? Please refer to the article of Bach Hoa XANH to learn more.

Unexpected dangers from beets and carrots

To answer this question, we consulted with Doctor Do Thi Ngoc Diep, Director of the City Nutrition Center. HCM. According to the doctor, if you think that carrots and beets are for blood tonic, it is not really. Because compared to other foods, in these two foods, the amount of iron is not high.

And if children eat a lot, there is a risk of causing nutrient metabolism disorder. Causing children to have anorexia, some other cases can also cause poisoning.

Specifically, there have been some typical cases for the abuse of carrots and beets that are Hai’s daughter, Lan (Binh Chanh). She used beetroot to cook water to make milk for the baby to drink, and even cooked beetroot in water to give it to the baby to drink with the thought that it would help the baby get blood. After two days, the baby suddenly turned blue and had difficulty breathing.

At Children’s Hospital 2 City. In HCM, the baby showed signs of apnea and the whole body was pale. The doctors tried their best to give the baby first aid, and within a day helped the baby get well again. According to the diagnosis, the cause is due to the ingredients in beetroot that have caused a lack of oxygen in the blood.

Although beets are very good, eating too much causes many disadvantages for the baby

In the same case with Hai, Uyen in Long An saw her baby’s ear cut and bleed a lot. With the thought that eating a lot of beets will make up for the lost blood, so she cooked beets for her baby to eat, cooked into water for her to drink. As a result, after 3 consecutive days, Uyen’s baby was hospitalized in a state of bruising and suffocation.

Children should eat beets and carrots in moderation

Similar situations like the above still happen often. To answer this question, the doctors said the following:

– Due to the mistaken belief that red foods (beets, carrots) when eaten will replenish blood, but in fact it is not. Because these foods contain a lot of nitrates.

When children eat, this compound turns hemoglobin (the function of carrying oxygen to muscle tissue that makes the skin pink) into Methemoglobine, which is unable to transport oxygen, causing the skin to turn purple. In cases of no t being treated promptly, the child can die.

Children should eat beets and carrots in moderation

– Foods rich in Vitamin A such as carrots, beets, pumpkins, etc. If eaten in a sufficient amount, it will be very good for the body. However, if used too much and regularly is still not beneficial for the health of the baby.

Mothers should be careful in what they eat

Although carrots and beets are very healthy foods. But when feeding your baby, you should still pay attention to how to use it and the dose to be reasonable, to avoid overuse that will cause harmful effects to your baby’s health.

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