Currently, there are many parents, especially in big cities, who often have the habit of chopping food for children. They think it’s a way to help children eat hard-to-eat foods such as vegetables, meat, etc. so that they can easily eat them. Is this correct? Let’s answer with Bach Hoa XANH through the following information!

firstIs chopping baby food dangerous?

Chopping up baby food is dangerous

Parents think that, when their children use their hands to hold food, use their teeth to bite… the face is covered with grease and looks very unhygienic. Therefore, they have cut the food to make it convenient for children to eat and to ensure hygiene. However, this approach has made your child lose the opportunity to practice the development process.

It is well known that, when food is introduced into the oral cavity, under the stimulation of the oral cavity will occur physical and chemical transformation processes, completing the first step for the digestion of food. The next processing step will be based on the large and small size of the food to command the relevant parts.

Children who chew less will be less intelligent because chewing is also a process of brain training.

During chewing, the brain is activated, information will be transferred between brain cells. This will help the hormone secrete more so that the brain’s thinking and working function is also enhanced. If children eat processed foods, it will be difficult for the brain to make accurate judgments and also not know how to use their teeth properly.

According to many studies, children who chew less will be less intelligent because chewing is also a process of brain training.

2Let your child chew even hard foods

Parents should let children chew hard foods to help blood circulation and strong teeth

In teeth contain countless blood vessels and nerves, the chewing process will help blood circulation and strong teeth. When chewing the salivary glands constantly secrete, in the saliva contains digestive catalysts, beneficial bacteria will help digestion and reduce the burden on the stomach and destroy harmful bacteria in the food. eat effectively.

Although parents often worry that their child will choke when eating large pieces of food. However, this phenomenon is very rare because the children will find a way to handle it on their own. Therefore, let the children develop the skills they need in the process of growing up.

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Do not cut baby food into small pieces. That is the message that this article wants to send to parents who have children. Let’s share this useful information with everyone to take care of children properly.