Both adults and children love to drink soy milk, but there are many rumors that soy milk is only suitable for adults and should not be used for children. So, is it good for children to drink soy milk, let’s find the answer!

On the market today, there are many types of milk for children such as cow’s milk, powdered milk … and especially soy milk, which many mothers choose for their children to use because it brings many health benefits. However, to be able to answer the question: Is it good for children to drink soy milk? Please read the information shared in the article below!

firstIs soy milk good for children?

Add protein

Soy milk contains a higher amount of protein than many other foods, so drinking soy daily helps balance the amount of protein from animals and plants, avoiding serious diseases in adulthood, such as heart disease.

Add proteinAdd protein

Drinking soy milk helps supplement calcium

Soy milk contains a relatively high calcium content that is easily absorbed, if giving children soy milk daily, it will help the skeletal system in the body develop, help the baby increase height, strong bones, facilitate Let your baby comfortably play, practice healthy sports

In addition, more fiber, niacin and more phytonutrients than cow’s milk. This is very necessary for brain development, stabilizing the digestive tract for children.

Drinking soy milk with vitamins and good fats for baby’s development

Soy milk contains high levels of plant-based fats, especially: omega 3, omega 6, which help support brain development, vision, and heart health for children, especially those in puberty. .

Soy milk is also provided by vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, Vitamin E, which helps the child’s body to absorb nutrients for healthy development, increased immune system, and less disease.

Thus, with the above benefits, soy milk is very good for young children and parents can use for babies to provide nutrition.

2How to use soy milk properly for children

Use soy milk in combination with cow’s milk

Soy milk has a rich nutritional content, in 100ml of soy milk (made from 100g beans) has 28 kcal, 3.1g protein, 1.6g fat, 18mg calcium, 1.2mg iron, many nutrients fiber, niacin and more phytonutrients than cow’s milk. This is very necessary for brain development, stabilizing the digestive tract for children.

However, soy milk has less calcium than cow’s milk. Therefore, according to doctors, you should combine using both soy milk and cow’s milk to help children develop the most comprehensive way in both weight and height.

Some children are sensitive to cow’s milk, so the use of soy milk is also a good way to help them add more nutrients to help them develop.

Drink soy milk in combination with a reasonable supply of nutrients

Although there are many minerals as well as vitamins, especially soy milk lacks vitamin B12. So you can give your child soy milk, but you should add foods that contain a lot of vitamin B12 and calcium through foods: such as broccoli, spinach, cereals, yogurt, etc. fruit juice.

Drink in moderation

Dr. Doctor Cao Thi Hau, National Institute of Nutrition, should give children about 200ml of soy milk/day, should not give children too much, it will cause diarrhea.

In addition, children from 12 months of age and older can only use soy milk because at this time, the child’s digestive system has fully developed, so it is easier to consume the nutrients in milk.

3Note when using soy milk for babies

Recommended for children Try a little soy milk to see if your child is allergic such as redness, itching, stop using to avoid affecting the digestive system as well as the health of the child.

Do not give your child soy milk when hungry.

Do not let children drink a lot and drink continuously Only 1-2 cups per day should be enough.

Soy milk should be boiled, then simmered for 5-10 minutes and then turned off the stove, can be left to cool or for children to drink hot.

So soy milk is really good for children, right, but you should give it to your child properly to maximize the benefits that soy milk brings to your baby’s health!