Regular use of detergents in house cleaning, but pregnant mothers still hear women and brothers advise against using them because they will affect the fetus. So do detergents really affect the fetus?

Factors affecting the fetus

According to a study by the World Wildlife Fund in the UK and Greenpeace, through the umbilical cord blood test of 27 newborn babies and 42 new mothers, the presence of at least at least 35 chemicals. In particular, it was discovered that some cord blood samples contained up to 14 chemicals.

Physics: X-rays when you have an X-ray It can affect the nervous system of the fetus, so you should tell your doctor if you are pregnant so he can determine if it is safe to have an X-ray.

Infection: The parasites, herpes, bacteria also inadvertently affect the process of cell division, during embryogenesis.

Drugs and chemicals: tobacco, alcohol, antibiotics, chemicals All have effects on the fetus, increasing the risk of miscarriage as well as the growth of the child.

Are detergents harmful to the fetus?

Are cleaning chemicals harmful to the fetus?

Only buy products from reputable brands. However, in fact, there are two clear product lines:

+ With mild cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, washing powder…: you can use it as usual, but always wear gloves, rinse thoroughly with water.

+ With strong cleaning products such as floor cleaner, toilet cleaner…: Strong detergents will affect the health of mother and baby by inhalation or by direct contact. Therefore, pregnant women should not be exposed to this detergent during pregnancy.

Are detergents harmful to the fetus?

Note the use of detergents to avoid harming the fetus

Wear a mask and gloves when using cleaning products.

Do not mix, combine many cleaning products.

Those of you who are pregnant do not come into direct contact with cleaning water, toilet cleaning solutions, and Do not use spray cleaning products such as glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner…

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Source: Dan Tri Newspaper

Gas or odor from cleaning agents, especially strong detergents, can easily affect the health of the mother and the fetus. Therefore, you should be careful when using it, if you experience dizziness, nausea, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

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