For some people who choose to buy Ariel laundry detergent for the first time to clean their clothes, they often wonder if Ariel washing liquid is good? Does this brand of laundry detergent remove stains, use well, effectively?

firstLong-standing American brand

Ariel is a famous American brand, this brand was born in the 1960s and for more than 50 years of establishment and development, the brand has launched many products to make the housewives’ laundry more convenient and easier.

One of the most successful and well-received products in the US and in many countries around the world, including Vietnam of this long-standing brand, is Ariel laundry detergent.

Laundry detergent is produced according to a superior formula, a quality product, removes all stains without damaging the fabric, keeps the color of clothes for a long time, is safe to use, does not cause harm to health. Leaves a pleasant scent on the fabric. Is a great choice for housewives when washing clothes.

Long-standing American brand

2Remove all stains on clothes easily

Ariel laundry detergent applies modern and advanced technology, contains many optimal cleaning ingredients to help remove all stains on clothes from coffee and tea stains to grease, blood, ink stains easily and quickly without damaging, reducing the durability of the clothing material.

Thanks to that, users will always keep their clothes clean, durable for a long time, saving the maximum cost of buying clothes.

Remove all stains on clothes easily

3Bring a lot of convenience when using

Ariel laundry detergent is produced in liquid form, Has the ability to dissolve extremely quickly in watereasily penetrates deeply and effectively removes stains and especially washing water does not leave soap residue on clothes after washing like many other detergents.

When washing clothes with this detergent, you No need to soak clothes for a long time, just dip clothes in a solution of water-based laundry detergentrub gently and the stain will disappear immediately.

With only 1 small washing liquid cap, you can wash a large number of clothes. Using this washing liquid, you will save a lot of washing water, thereby effectively saving money for your family.

Wash clothes with Ariel laundry detergent help save water, time and effort for housewivesso you can take the time to do other things.

The product is prepared with a pleasant, fragrant aroma that, when absorbed into the fabric, helps your clothes not only clean but also smells cool, giving everyone a comfortable feeling when in contact with you.

Ariel’s laundry detergent products are more diverse laundry products of other brands in terms of features suitable for each user’s needs.

The most typical product is a moldy deodorant laundry product, suitable for Vietnam’s weather when the rainy season is approaching. The product has a special feature of eliminating musty odors in clothes without direct exposure to sunlight, helping clothes not to be worn out, discolored.

Bring a lot of convenience when using

4Some of Ariel’s laundry products

Ariel Matic Laundry Detergent Downy

In addition to the inherent advantages of Ariel washing liquid, this product also has a characteristic of a long-lasting floral scent on clothes.

Ariel Matic washing liquid with Downy flavor is priced at: 139,000 VND / bag 2.15kg

Ariel Matic laundry detergent mild lemongrass scent

Ariel Matic Gentle laundry detergent inspired by lemongrass scent for baby and sensitive skin. With advanced fragrance reactivation technology prevents odor