Ipswich Park2Park is set to paint the town green on Sunday 26 July and will welcome over 2,000 participants to the fog covered headquarters at Limestone Park in Ipswich.

Ipswich Park2Park race director Ashton Cooper said the 2015 Ipswich Park2Park celebrates the return of sub 2.10 marathon runner Steve Moneghetti as the official event ambassador.

“I am really proud of the high class running event that Ipswich Park2Park has become and we are excited to present the run this year for runners and walkers alike.”

“Having Steve Moneghetti on board has meant many positive occasions in the lead up to our event.”

“Ipswich Park2Park participants will be lucky enough to run alongside Steve on the day – if they can keep up!”

“Steve will champion our event by sharing his knowledge, skills and being a source of encouragement for runners as they cross the finish line.”

Steve also attended the Annual Galeforce Running Camp at Sunshine Beach earlier this year and lead eager runners on beach and road runs and an evening information session.

“The Ipswich Park2Park organising team were also lucky enough to get some insight from Steve,” she said.

Steve told camp goers that in the lead up to an event like Park2Park it is a good idea to visualise the course, visit it a few times and perhaps run or walk over sections of it. By doing this the act of participating in the event won’t be foreign and you will feel at ease.

“I think the best thing about Ipswich Park2Park is the variety of events allowing everybody of all levels to challenge themselves.”

“Events like Park2Park are important for the community. Since retiring from running I’ve been able to continue my career and it is events like this that have allowed me to do that. I get to encourage people to do exercise.

“Ipswich Park2Park supports the work of the Ipswich Hospital Foundation, your participation and support of this event assists in raising money and awareness for the health of the Ipswich community,” he said.

Early bird registration and team registration closes on Monday 13 July at 5pm. Get in quick!

To register for Ipswich Park2Park click HERE.