There are many different types of noodles on the market today. So which type is suitable to use for baby weaning? This article will help you answer that question.

When the baby is between 8 and 10 months old, the baby’s weaning menu will be more varied in terms of food. In addition to baby powder, babies can eat more fruits and vegetables as well as supplement nutrition from different types of meat and fish. In addition, during this period, your baby’s food will have a thicker form than the period from 6 to 7 months old so that the baby can develop his chewing skills. And noodles are a weaning dish chosen by many mothers because the processing method is not only diverse, but its nutritional value is equally abundant.

Mothers can refer to the baby’s weaning menu at: Weaning menu for babies from 6 to 12 months old of the Nutrition Institute

Talking about noodles, on the market there are countless different types, each with its own brand and unique characteristics. That variety has made housewives hesitate in choosing the right type for the baby’s weaning menu.


Introducing the types of noodles, which noodles are the best to cook?

Speaking of tube noodles, there are dozens of different brands that produce this type of noodle. But in general There are two common types of vermicelli, which are long clams with a smooth body and long vermicelli with a middle ridgeboth types are popular in Vietnam market.

Long tube noodles with smooth body shape like a water pipe with two round ends, straight body and no ridges in the middle. As for the long vermicelli with a middle ridge, the top is flattened or cut diagonally to one side. Both types of noodles are possible as the main ingredient to make pork bone noodles or you can change the taste by making stir-fried beef noodles, mixed stir-fry, .. With this type of pasta, you Can be used for baby food, but should be cut in half so that the baby can eat more easily during the chewing stage.

2Noodles with oysters

Introducing the types of noodles, which noodles are the best to cook?

As its name suggests, this type of noodle has a small and curved shape like a scallop, in many other places, people also call it curved tubers, but the most popular is still the name of cockles. The shellfish is quite small, so it very suitable to be the main ingredient in the baby’s weaning menu. In addition to the traditional yellow or white noodles, now there are also vegetable clams with different colors to make your baby’s dishes more diverse and colorful. For this type of noodles, you can used to make noodle soup cooked with shrimp, minced meat tomato sauce or cheese noodle dish are popular today.


Introducing the types of noodles, which noodles are the best to cook?

In addition to tubers and scallops, vermicelli is also a fairly common type of noodle in Vietnamese dishes. especially in the baby’s weaning menu. This kind coiled like a spring, In addition to the traditional yellow color, the vegetable twister also has many other colors such as orange of carrots, red from beets and green of vegetables. The characteristic of spring roll is that it is faster and softer than other types, so it is rarely found in soups that it is used in Often used to make stir-fries, dishes with sauces, ..


Introducing the types of noodles, which noodles are the best to cook?

Among the types mentioned above, the bow tie is the least common. However, this is the most suitable type to make baby food. Not only has the same nutritional content, but this type of noodle also has a rather fancy and unique shape, so it will make children more interested in enjoying it. You can use the noodles to make noodle soup or cook with cheese sauce, tomato sauce, minced meat, etc. are all very tasty and suitable for children’s taste.

5Nui star

Introducing the types of noodles, which noodles are the best to cook?

With a fancy star shape, this type of noodle is quite small in size, so you can rest assured when Use it to prepare baby food. Usually, the star is used popular for making pork bone stew soup, minced meat soup,… they Almost do not use this type of noodle to stir-fry Because it is quite small, in the process of making it can be broken. Therefore, this type of star noodle is not very popular in the Vietnamese market.

Hopefully, the information that I have shared can help you better understand the common types of noodles today. And through that, you can choose to buy the right type to make your baby’s weaning menu more diverse.

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