The famous diaper brand has just launched its high-end diaper product called Bobby Extra Soft Dry diaper, let’s learn more about this diaper in the following article.

Bobby diapers are not strange to mothers of milk diapers, the brand for babies is loved by mothers for product quality, and also for price. Good absorption, maximum comfort and hygiene for your baby, that is not all that Bobby Extra Soft Dry diapers bring to both mother and baby. Check out the information below, you will definitely want to choose to use this premium diaper product for your baby.

firstSoft wave surface

Introducing Bobby Extra Soft Dry premium diapers

The microfiber surface is inherently soft and absorbent, Bobby Extra Soft Dry diapers are also specially designed with soft wavesboth effectively reduce contact on the skin, keep the breathability, and at the same time limit the dirt from sticking to the baby’s skin, making the baby more comfortable and safer.

Thanks to Unicharm’s proprietary technology, Using Bobby Extra Soft Dry diapers, mothers do not worry about babies being secreted, diaper rash causes irritation and inflammation on the skin, soft and gentle like mother’s hands.

2Comfortable comfort with soft-fit elastic waistband

Introducing Bobby Extra Soft Dry premium diapers

Mothers often worry that the back of the diaper is less elastic, which will make it difficult for the baby to move, easy to leave marks or even scratch the exposed skin.

Now completely rest assured when your baby uses it Bobby Extra Soft Dry diaper, elastic and soft elastic waistband Not only does it hug the baby’s body tightly, preventing spillage on the back very well, but also comfortably fits with each movement, without worrying about the baby’s skin being damaged by friction.

Baby always smiling, unlimited freedom of movement and movement with Bobby Extra Soft Dry diaper.

3Soft foam bottom membrane, breathable, extra protection for baby’s skin

Introducing Bobby Extra Soft Dry premium diapers

Originally made of a waterproof material to ensure that liquids do not leak from the diaper bottom membrane, but with Unicharm’s unique technology, Bobby Extra Soft Dry diapers are designed with lightweight, soft foam bottom membraneseffectively push the hot air out to help the baby’s skin breathe naturally, and at the same time reduce the “weight” of the diaper when it is full of dirty fluid inside.

Baby’s skin breathes better Helps reduce irritation, stays soft and smooth.

4There is a “wet indicator” – indicating a diaper change

Introducing Bobby Extra Soft Dry premium diapers

Usually, mothers will base on the time to wear diapers or the weight of the diaper to make a relative comparison about the time to change the baby’s diaper.

Mother also knows, diaper change time is very important, leaving baby’s skin in contact with dirt for too long is absolutely not good, and causes discomfort to the baby. But for children, urination is not a clear pattern or biological time, so it is difficult to accurately determine the time to change the baby’s diaper.

Now, Bobby Extra Soft Dry innovates with clever detailing thanks to the “wet indicator” color band at the bottom of the diaper Help mothers observe and catch the right time to change diapers for babies. When the diaper is full, this color strip will turn dark blue, the baby needs to clean and change Bobby’s diaper to dry and be more comfortable.

With these 4 advantages, it is not difficult to understand why Bobby Extra Soft Dry smart products are warmly received and chosen by many mothers to use for their babies.