Newborn babies are clamped and cut by the doctor. The part of the umbilical cord that is still attached to the baby needs to be cleaned to avoid infection. Let’s learn how to take care of your baby’s navel with Bach Hoa Xanh!

Principles of umbilical cord care

The care of the baby’s umbilical cord should be ensured according to the instructions of the doctor, do not arbitrarily sprinkle antibiotic powder or red medicine on the navel. The baby’s umbilical cord should be dry, free of urine or feces, and secured with clean gauze to prevent rubbing when the baby moves. The navel must fall off on its own, you must not use any means to cut the navel.

Your baby's navel needs to be cleaned carefully.

How to take care of the navel

First, you must Hand washing thoroughly with hand sanitizer and clean water. Next, remove the umbilical cord, look closely navel and the skin around the navel to see if there are any abnormal signs. If so, you should take your baby to the doctor.

If there is no abnormality in the navel area, you wash your hands again then use 70° . sterile alcohol swab navel antiseptic inside outin turn from navel foot arrive umbilical cord body, umbilical cord section and the skin around the navel 5 cm.

Finally you Bandage the umbilical cord with sterile gauze, so the tape is just right, not too tight. Note that when wearing a diaper for your baby, you should avoid pressing on the navel area, to avoid the umbilical cord getting contaminated with urine and feces causing infection.

Use a sterile cotton swab soaked in 70° alcohol to disinfect the navel from the inside out.

Unusual signs

According to Master, Doctor Ma Van Tham – Department of Pediatrics – Neonatology, Vinmec Phu Quoc International General Hospital, abnormal signs in the navel are red, swollen navel, oozing fluid, pus or still wet after falling off. , bad smell, bleeding, red skin around the navel. In this case, the mother should not self-medicate Children should be taken to a medical facility immediately.

Abnormalities in the navel are red, swollen, oozing, foul-smelling, bleeding, and red surrounding skin.

Proper umbilical cord care is important because it helps your baby avoid infection. Hope this article helps you take better care of your baby. Good luck to you and your baby!

Source: Vinmec

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