In addition to preventive measures such as wearing a mask, washing hands, … mothers also need to take measures to help children increase their resistance. Here is a guide on how to strengthen your child’s resistance during the epidemic season.

For families with young children, parents always feel worried when the Corona epidemic is complicated, despite following the recommendations of health organizations, many parents still do not feel comfortable. rest assured and find ways to help your baby increase resistance. The solution to help the baby strengthen the immune system is that in addition to a reasonable, nutritious diet, eating and sleeping enough, the mother can give her baby supplements with syrups to increase resistance.

firstMothers have headaches to find solutions to boost their children’s immunity

Young children have weak resistance, an incomplete immune system, so the possibility of infection is very high, so in order to improve the baby’s ability to fight diseases, it is imperative that mothers find ways to help their babies. strengthen resistance.

Some worried mothers have found syrups to help increase resistance to buy for their babies but do not know which products are safe, reputable and quality. If you buy foreign products, it’s expensive, but you don’t know how effective they are, and cheap syrup products are afraid of poor quality.

2Tips to help mothers choose the right syrup to boost their children’s immunity

On the market there are many types of syrups to increase resistance for children, if inexperienced, it is likely that mothers will buy expensive products but the quality is not guaranteed, so when choosing to buy syrup to increase resistance There are a few things you should keep in mind:

Instructing mothers on how to strengthen their children's resistance during the epidemic season

The main ingredient that is considered to help strengthen the specific immune system is thymomodulin. Thymomodulin is a substance obtained from the thymus gland of young calves that has the effect of enhancing the function, stimulating the production and maturation of immune cells, T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes and macrophages naturally. At the same time, it helps the immune cells increase their ability to recognize foreign factors that can be toxic to the body, thereby destroying them.

According to some studies, Thymomodulin has the ability to improve the immune function of children caused by many diseases, especially diseases related to typical viruses such as Corona virus.

Choose products with clear, guaranteed origins

Instructing mothers on how to strengthen their children's resistance during the epidemic season

When choosing to buy immune booster products for children, mothers must choose for themselves products of clear origin and buy at reputable addresses. Because this will help mom feel secure about the quality as well as the price of the product.

You should also not trust too much on syrups bearing foreign brands, sometimes the ingredients and uses are the same, but the price is 2-3 times higher.

It is important for mothers to help their children increase their resistance during the epidemic season, but mothers should be wise consumers to choose the best, safe and effective products for their children to increase their resistance. And the right price!

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