To organize a party, people often assume that it requires a significant amount of money to have a variety of delicious dishes. However, this article will show you how to have a fantastic party with just 200k.

Holidays are a time for close friends to gather, enjoy good food, and have fun. But what if you only have 200k in your pocket while the holidays are approaching? Don’t worry, with simple ingredients and 20 minutes of preparation, you can still host a satisfying party for four people. Let’s get started!

Watch the video below for details on how to throw a party with just 200k:


How to Throw a Party with Just 200k

Step 1: Prepare Salted Pork Leg

Great holiday party for only 200k

The salted pork leg has been prepared in advance, so you just need to cut it into pieces and it’s ready to serve without any additional processing.

Step 2: Fry Spring Rolls

Great holiday party for only 200k

Place a pan on the stove and add cooking oil to cover half of the spring rolls. Heat the oil and fry the spring rolls without defrosting. This will make them extra crispy. Once cooked, place the spring rolls on absorbent paper to remove excess oil. If you’re not serving them immediately, you can wrap them in foil to keep them hot and crispy for longer.

Step 3: Cook Thai Seafood Hot Pot

Great holiday party for only 200k

Everything you need for the hot pot, including spring rolls, shrimp, fish fillet, stuffed snail, corn, lemongrass chili, and the sauce package, is already included. Simply place the pot on the stove, add 1 liter of water, and pour in the sauce packet containing lemongrass and chili. Bring it to a boil until the sauce dissolves. Then add the remaining ingredients and cook until done. Adjust the seasoning to taste and turn off the stove.

Final Result

With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy a party with a variety of appetizers and main dishes. Who would think this is a budget-friendly meal? The total cost is only 195k, as follows:

– 1 pack of Thai hot pot SG Food: 77,000 VND

– 1 pack of Cau Tre seafood spring rolls: 51,000 VND

– 1 pack of salted pork leg (purchased on promotion): 67,000 VND

Hopefully, these helpful tips will allow you to host a delightful and affordable party for your friends during the holidays. Good luck!

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