Pork prices are increasing day by day, so what about beef prices in recent days. Let’s find out in this article.

Due to the recent African swine fever, the whole country had to destroy nearly 6 million pigs plus pork accounted for 70% of food in Vietnamese meals, pork price increase is predictable. The pace of pig raising is slow, so there won’t be enough supply, so pork prices will remain high in the near future.

China is also in short supply of pork, so the source export pork with high price than the domestic price will put more pressure on the domestic meat supply.

It is for these reasons that the price of pork has increased so much that many consumers have switched to using beef for their families. Beef prices also have price increases, but not really too big.

Facing the increasing price of pork every day, many families have started to switch to other poultry meats such as duck, chicken, beef, etc.

As of November 15, the selling price of beef at Bach Hoa Xanh in Ho Chi Minh area is as follows: beef encrusted about 175,000 VND/kgbeef thighs are expensive about 265,000 VND/kg,…

In addition, American beef is also getting more attention instead of pork. You can choose the type of bacon Mrs. My is priced at about 220,000 VND/kgthis is also a reasonable alternative to pork before the current price increase.

You can go to the nearest GREEN Bach Hoa to choose for yourself the freshest pieces of meat.