Besides breastfeeding, formula seems to become an indispensable food for young children. So, if the formula is not properly mixed, how will it affect the health of the baby? Let’s find out about this issue with Bach Hoa XANH!

Milk is too thick

Effects of making milk too thick

Parents often think that children who drink condensed milk than the dosage recommended by the manufacturer will absorb more nutrients, gain weight faster and develop better. However, this is completely wrong.

For young children, the digestive system is still immature, drinking too thick milk can damage the intestinal lining of the child, causing intestinal inflammation and may lead to intestinal necrosis.

When using too much condensed milk for a long time, children will have symptoms such as fever, bloody diarrhea… More seriously, this can be life-threatening.

In addition, the baby’s kidneys in the first years of life are still very weak, using too much condensed milk causes the body to lose water, and the baby’s kidneys have to work harder. Over time, it will lead to kidney failure.

Milk is too diluted

Harm of diluted milk

When the mother mixes the formula too thin, it will cause the baby to be undernourished, causing stunting and growth retardation.

In addition, adding more water to infant formula also dilutes the concentration of sodium or electrolytes in the baby’s body.

In addition, babies can get too much water when the mother dilutes the milk, causing water intoxication. This is very dangerous for the health of children.

In January 2016, there was a case recorded in the US, a young mother diluted milk for her baby for a long time, causing the baby’s brain to swell, without being treated in time. This has caused the tragic death of the child.

So how should parents prepare milk for their children?

How should I make milk for my baby?

Manufacturers have studied very carefully, about the nutrition of children at each age. Therefore, please trust, and mix infant formula with the correct dosage printed on the label.

Do not mix too thick or too thin milk, because this will seriously affect the health of the baby.

In addition, mothers should not use mineral water, but use boiled water to cool to an appropriate temperature, to prepare infant formula.

Do not mix any other foods such as diluted porridge, fruit juice or vegetable broth into your baby’s formula.

Advice for moms

Advice for mothers in making milk for their babies

Breast milk is best for babies and young children. However, in case the mother has a lack of milk, or cannot provide enough milk, that the baby needs every day, it is advisable to give the baby more formula.

If used properly, powdered milk will provide the full amount of nutrients needed by children, helping them to be healthy and develop comprehensively.

Should choose to buy infant formula suitable for each age of the child, and strictly adhere to the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

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