Using detergent for washing machines is considered to be more effective in cleaning, reducing the damage of residual detergent on clothes. So how to use washing water for washing machine properly and effectively?

Washing machines not only have 1 type, 1 brand, but they all have common usage rules, such as how to use detergent, or washing water, and fabric softener for the washing process. See how to use detergent for washing machine correctly.

firstUse washing water for washing machines with a dedicated compartment

Use washing water for washing machines with a dedicated compartmentUse washing water for washing machines with a dedicated compartment

Most current washing machines have 2 separate compartments for washing powder and conditioner, some have an additional compartment for washing water.

If your washing machine has a dedicated detergent compartment, it’s simple to use.

Step 1: You put the amount of clothes suitable for the capacity of the machine into the washing tub.

Step 2: Take the appropriate amount of laundry detergent according to the instructions on the product packaging, pour them into the dedicated detergent compartment.

At this step, if you want to effectively clean stubborn stains such as ink stains, coffee on clothes, you can dip a little detergent to apply directly on the stains on clothes, pour the rest into the clothes. washing water compartment.

Step 3: Select a washing program for the machine. The washing machine will automatically dissolve the washing liquid in the tray into the water and start the set washing program.

2Use laundry detergent for washing machines that do not have a dedicated compartment

If your washing machine does not have a dedicated detergent compartment, but only has 2 compartments including a detergent compartment and a fabric softener compartment, you can use 2 ways:

– Pour detergent into the detergent compartment, and when starting the rinse program, the machine will dissolve this detergent into the water and wash as usual. Note, be careful because this container may have an overflow design that causes the washing water to flow directly onto the clothes before starting the washing cycle.

– You can also dissolve laundry detergent in water before pouring them into the drum.

Note when using washing water for washing machine

– Washing liquid is also divided into hand wash, machine wash, and type used for horizontal cage machines… Choosing the right type of washing water will bring better washing results.

– Do not pour laundry detergent directly on clothes, especially colored clothes, it can cause color splash on clothes.

– Do not use too much washing liquid compared to the amount of clothes, the machine will have to work harder to clean the soap bubbles or they can not fully rinse, which will stay on the clothes, causing damage to the fabric.

– Usually when using washing water, we do not need to use more fabric softener, because the detergent has the properties of softening the fabric and keeping the scent quite good. But if you want to use more fabric softener, add them to the softener tray and set the wash program as usual.

It’s very simple, but we still need to learn how to use laundry detergent for the washing machine, to make sure you operate it correctly, to help clothes wash clean, colorfast, and new for a long time.