Using menthol to repel mice is a popular method, because it is non-toxic, easy to implement, but also has a pleasant scent.

Peppermint essential oil is a proven effective rat repellent. Especially useful when used to prevent rats from destroying furniture and entering. However, it is necessary to use pure menthol, in the right amount and in the right way.

The strong aroma of menthol stimulated the nasal cavity of the rats, causing them to walk away. This is also one of the reasons many people who repel mice with menthol have not been successful. Simply because they use menthol that is not pure, has a low concentration, is not strong enough to drive mice away.

When rats appear in your house, they will leave behind a Pheromone smell

odor secreted from the body to communicate with the same species.

Therefore, rats will follow the smell of other mice to find their way, entering your home, where they can easily find food and make a nest.

The scent of mint prevents mice from smelling Pheromones, which disorients them and keeps them away from your home. In addition, it also prevents rats from smelling food, a smell that rats are easily attracted to.

The secret to repelling mice with essential oils is to choose pure essential oils, using them in the purest concentration possible. Do not mix menthol too diluted with the solution just to save money, as it will only cost you time and money without bringing the desired effect.

Using essential oils to repel rats is one of the most humane measures. When you don’t want to have to clean up the dead mice when using traps, mouse glue, baits, etc., then menthol will be the perfect choice.

Importantly, menthol is non-toxic, friendly to humans, children & pets. In addition, menthol has a very useful therapeutic effect, helping to relax the mind, relieve pain, treat nasal congestion, respiratory diseases, …

When using menthol to repel mice, you can also repel pests, spiders, … and mosquitoes.

Peppermint essential oil has a pleasant aroma, not as irritating as other rat-repelling odors (ammonia, tar, etc.). The scent of mint is one of the most pleasant essential oil scents loved by many, helping to keep the air fresh and fresh.

You can refer to the ways to use peppermint essential oil to repel mice effectively below

How to use menthol to repel mice with cotton swabs

Use menthol to repel mice with cotton swabsUse menthol to repel mice with cotton swabs

In places where cotton balls containing essential oils are placed will help prevent mice from entering the house. However, the scent of essential oils will fade over time, so you need to add more essential oils after 2 days or sooner

How to repel mice by mixing menthol with detergent

Peppermint essential oil has bactericidal and antiseptic properties to help clean the house toilet and effectively prevent mice from entering.

Spray menthol to repel mice mixed with water

Spray menthol to repel mice mixed with waterSpray menthol to repel mice mixed with water

In case you need to chase mice in a large area, you should use this method. Mix menthol with water in a ratio of 1:1, the shelf life of this solution is 2 weeks. Before use, shake the mixture well and spray them where rats appear.

How to use menthol to repel mice with a diffuser

Use menthol to repel mice with a diffuserUse menthol to repel mice with a diffuser

A simpler and easier way to do this is to use an essential oil diffuser. Today’s essential oil diffusers are cheap from 200,000 VND or more, you can easily buy them at supermarkets and how to use them is also very easy. But you also need to be careful when using an essential oil diffuser.

Note when using menthol to repel mice
Do not use essential oils while pregnant

Menthol or other essential oils are not good for pregnant women. If there is a pregnant woman in the household or area where you need to get rid of rats, you should stop doing it and switch to another method of rat repellent.
Use pure peppermint essential oil

Make sure you are using genuine and pure menthol. If the quality of the essential oil is not guaranteed, it will affect the effect of repelling mice. To know where to buy menthol to repel mice, you can learn more at useful information sharing sites.
Do not mix with other essential oils or other substances that inactivate essential oils

The fact that you try to mix other essential oils with menthol will not ensure the expected effect. In many cases, it even has the opposite effect. Therefore, consider before making additional concoctions to use.
Choose the right location

It is necessary to determine the right place to put menthol to be effective. If you put it wrong, the effect of chasing the mouse has not come yet, sometimes you have to do it more times.
Leave a path for the mouse to leave

Don’t try to block every escape route for the rat, leave one for the rat to walk away. Otherwise, instead of driving out of the house, the mouse will return, hiding in the house to destroy.
Be aware of the problem

Menthol only works to keep mice away, if the mouse still does not improve, then you should apply other more optimal measures.
So the article has introduced to you how to repel mice with peppermint oil already. This method is easy to implement, effective and safe for users. Besides this, there are many other ways to repel mice with natural ingredients available in your home.