Your home often uses canned goods but you do not know how to use can openers effectively. The following article will guide you more clearly.

Canned foods are often packaged very carefully, so opening them is quite difficult for many women because they do not know how. This article will show you how to use the opener easily and effectively.

firstTraditional openers

Traditional openers are available in almost every home. Easy to buy and easy to use.

How to use is also very simple, on the opener there will be a point to lean on, create grip make it easier for us. Hook this point to the bottom edge of the outside of the canthe pointed end will lie around the edge.

When you see that the opener has been held firmly, use your hand to press down on the opener to be able to open the can. Continue moving the opener to open the rest of the can.

2Versatile opener

This versatile opener is still quite strange to many people. But it’s much easier to use.

You put the wheel with a sharp edge on the edge of the can, then use your hand to squeeze it hard to let the wheel go through the box.

One hand holds the opener, the other hand turns the knob to the right so that the wheel moves the rest of the lid.

These are the most popular ways to open cans today, hope you can see and use them properly.

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