When a baby is bitten by a mosquito, not every mother knows how to handle it properly. Follow the article below to note down the best and safe tips for treating your baby’s sting at home.

Baby’s skin is often very fragile, weak and sensitive to the external environment, especially mosquito bites. After being bitten by a mosquito, the baby’s skin will swell, have a red spot about 1-3mm in size, then slowly change to a dark color, fade and return to normal after a few days. When being bitten by a mosquito, it not only causes itching and discomfort, affecting your baby’s daily activities, but also can lead to a number of diseases such as dengue fever, Zika and malaria, affecting health. baby’s health. With the simple and safe methods below, surely the mosquito bites on your child will heal immediately.

Tips to treat mosquito bites safely and quickly at home for babies

firstFor babies

Because babies are very young, they still do not understand the words of their mothers. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the child, mothers should not apply special creams to mosquito bites because there is a possibility that the child will lick it and cause harm to health. To treat a baby’s sting safely, mothers should squeeze out a little bit of their milk and apply it to the sting, the baby’s skin will not swell and leave bruises.

Tips to treat mosquito bites safely and quickly at home for babies

2For young children

At this stage, the baby understands and can follow the mother’s instructions. So, you can apply all of the following methods:

Ice cubes:

As soon as the child is bitten, the mother should apply an ice cube to the baby’s mosquito bite for a short time. Ice will numb some of the nerves around the bite, so it will reduce the swelling and discomfort of the sting.

Tips to treat mosquito bites safely and quickly at home for babies


With only 1 potato, the mother immediately had a very good way to treat the baby’s sting. Because potatoes contain abundant amounts of vitamins C, B1, and B2, they have anti-inflammatory effects, helping wounds heal quickly. Besides, potatoes also contain enzymes that have the ability to fade dark scars. When you detect that your child is bitten by a mosquito, cut the potato into thin, small slices and apply it evenly on the mosquito bite and change another piece every 5 minutes. This will make the sting no longer cause itching and swelling.

Tips to treat mosquito bites safely and quickly at home for babies


Because lemon contains anti-itching substances and extremely good antiseptic properties, this is an extremely effective “medicine” to treat mosquito bites. You just need to squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on the area where the child is bitten by the mosquito, then rub and pat gently to absorb the water into the skin. However, mothers should note that do not apply lemon juice to the sting if your child has accidentally scratched it because it will cause the child to burn and hurt more.

Tips to treat mosquito bites safely and quickly at home for babies


Toothpaste has the ability to cool and soothe the wound. So when the child is bitten by a mosquito, the mother should immediately apply toothpaste to the bitten skin, wait for about 10 minutes to dry, and then wipe it gently with a tissue. Each time, you should only apply the size of a pea and spread it around, ensuring that in a short time, the sting will collapse and no longer itch.

Tips to treat mosquito bites safely and quickly at home for babies


In terms of anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, honey cannot be ignored. As soon as the baby is bitten by a mosquito, the mother should take some honey, apply a thin layer around the bite, honey will soothe the swelling and fight infection for the baby’s sensitive skin.

Tips to treat mosquito bites safely and quickly at home for babies


This is a familiar spice in your kitchen, but few people know that vinegar has the ability to treat mosquito bites extremely effectively. The way to do it is very simple, the mother pours about 3 cups of vinegar into the baby’s bath water to relieve itching or you can dilute the vinegar in the cup and then use a cotton swab to dip and lightly dab on the wound so that the vinegar penetrates into the skin. baby’s.

Baking soda:

In addition to the use of baking and cleaning, baking soda also has an extremely high ability to treat burns. The method is very simple, you take 1 teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 1 teaspoon of water and stir to form a paste. Then apply them to the area where the child was bitten by the mosquito. Wait for the mixture to dry, then gently pat dry with a wet cloth. This method both helps children reduce itching and clean up mosquito bites.

Tips to treat mosquito bites safely and quickly at home for babies

Measures to prevent children from being bitten by mosquitoes:

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– Because it is the rainy season, mosquitoes will appear a lot, so to protect children comprehensively, do not forget to apply the following ways:

– Dress children in long-sleeved clothes around evening and choose bright colors because mosquitoes often gather in dark places.

– Wet, dense, dark areas are the environments where mosquitoes grow most strongly, so avoid letting your baby come near and don’t forget to always clean your house, regularly clear trees and clean Clean up trash so that mosquitoes don’t get in there. In a week, you should spray mosquitoes about 2 times to limit the pesky mosquitoes that breed in the house.

– Even if the room is air-conditioned or is always cleaned regularly, the best way to ensure that your child does not get bitten by mosquitoes is to sleep under a mosquito net.

– Protecting children from mosquito bites is not only a job outside, but also should supplement children with effective insect resistant foods such as nuts, potatoes, green beans, ..

Hopefully with the methods that I have shared, mothers will know the correct way to handle when their children are bitten by mosquitoes. However, the above methods are only folklore, so if you see that your child’s sting has signs of serious swelling, severe infection, please take your child to a reputable doctor immediately and do not abuse it. Using too much cream because the baby’s skin is still very sensitive, can cause skin irritation and allergies.

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