Do you want to support your child’s best physical and mental development through daily toys in the period 1 – 3 years old? So refer to how to choose toys for children from 1 to 3 years old below!

Toys for babies 1-2 years old

Children 1-2 years old are still developing in motor skills and sensory acumen. Choosing toys for babies at this stage, mothers should choose toys that are simple, easy to understand, easy to play, easy to hold and colorful that both stimulate children to play and match their abilities.

– Active toys such as strollers, balls, tricycles, etc. Children need a large and safe space to play these games.

– Toys that stimulate brain movement:

+ Puzzle toys (arrange objects/numbers/letters/cubes): with simple shapes, just the right size for babies to hold, maybe with a few simple joints.

Mothers should guide and play with the baby, so that the baby is more excited and easily recognizes how to play, gradually distinguishes colors, shapes, assembly order, … Mother can encourage creativity in the way of assembling. Baby’s matching and arrangement.

+ Drama toys: toy phones, stuffed animals, dolls, wooden horses, baby strollers, …

Based on the baby’s immature observation with the daily activities of everyone in the family, the baby can imitate and perform behaviors on these pretend toys such as answering the phone, taking care of the baby, .. .. They will help your baby develop more emotionally and socially.

+ Books, pictures with colorful funny pictures; Children’s music tapes with songs or melodies, simple stories… They will support your baby’s vision and hearing, sometimes even language.

+ Mothers add simple puzzles with pictures, objects or sounds to help children develop awareness with objects and the surrounding environment.

1-2 years old children need simple, easy to understand, easy to play toys

1-2 years old children need simple, easy to understand, easy to play toys

Toys for kids 2 – 3 years old

At this stage, the baby has moved quite flexibly, has developed quite well and gradually perfected in terms of language. Children like to experiment with more “physical” and more adventurous games such as climbing, jumping from above, swinging their arms, playing strollers and colliding with other objects, …

Children enjoy socializing more and begin to ask questions, enjoy playing more with friends of the same age. Parents need to join the baby in complex games, simplify the answers to the baby’s questions, and create conditions for the baby to have fun with friends.

Choosing toys for babies at this stage, mothers are more inclined to games that develop thinking and language for babies:

2-3 years old children can play more complex games, need more thinking

– More complex pretend games such as kitchen sets, construction sets, dolls with accessories and clothes, etc.

– Puzzle games with higher levels, more shapes with more ways to assemble.

– Puzzle games on books, pictures or video clips for children: sort/select by image, color, shape, ..

– Photo book with more elaborate details.

– Creative games such as coloring, clay, blackboard and chalk, drawing paper, …

– Children can also be entertained with funny advertising clips, songs, children’s music discs, listening to reading short stories that are humane and educational, …

With the ways to choose toys in the above article, I hope that mothers will choose suitable toys for their children to develop better.

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