No one likes clothes when the colors fade and the fabric wears out, keep your clothes looking as good as new and take steps to wash your clothes right away to keep them clean and fresh. Please.

Newly purchased clothes, especially those with colorful colors or jeans… they are all very fresh and beautiful, but after only a few washes, they are discolored and look old. While this is inevitable over time, there are a few tips that can prevent them.

firstSimple with cold water and laundry detergent for colored clothes

A smart and easy way to keep clothes in color is to use cold water. Natural fabrics (such as cotton, wool, and linen) tend to shrink, and colors will fade more easily if washed in warm or hot water..

Washing in cold water not only prolongs the life of your clothes, but also saves you money on electricity consumption to heat up the washing water.

In addition, you also Can be combined with washing powder specifically for colored clothes To increase the ability to keep the color, not to lose color.


Not only used in cooking, vinegar is also considered a natural fabric softener. Helps remove yellow or dark stains on clothes and especially keeps clothes more durable.

Doing: Dilute about 1/2 bottle of 350ml table vinegar into a large basin of water, after wetting the clothes with water, soak them for 1-2 hours in the mixed solution.

Then rinse with cold water, squeeze out the water in the clothes and dry as usual. The clothes will not fade, but will be softer than the original.