You have tried many ways to get rid of mice but it takes too much time and money. No need to worry anymore, with just one bottle of mosquito spray, you can “get rid of” this obnoxious rodent.

Rats are rodents that can burrow in many different corners, which is a way to transmit many dangerous diseases. Not only that, this “small but martial” animal also often destroys and bites objects in the place where they reside. For that reason, today’s article I will share with you how to get rid of mice with only mosquito spray that is extremely easy to do and extremely effective, follow along.

firstHow to repel mice with mosquito spray

Mosquito spray has a very specific scent, so to get rid of this obnoxious rodent, you just need to spray the areas where they tend to gather such as kitchen corners, house corners, garbage cans, sewer pipes. ,.. After only 30 minutes, the scent of this drug will penetrate the sense of smell, causing both mice and mosquitoes to have nerve paralysis. Apply this method many times, ensuring that destructive rats will not dare to enter your house anymore.

2Notes on repelling mice with mosquito spray

For mosquito spray to maximize its effectiveness, choose those with scents from essential oils of orange, lemongrass, grapefruit, lavender,… these are all scents that are capable of causing extremely high damage. with this rodent.

After spraying, you need to get out of the sprayed space for 30 to 60 minutes. If there are children in the house, they should not be exposed to mosquito spray because it will affect the baby’s nervous system as well as respiratory health.

To spray mosquito spray safely for the house space, you can refer to: How long does it take to spray mosquito spray before entering the house?

Mosquito spray is not only used to kill mosquitoes but it is also an extremely effective and easy way to repel mice, right? Do not forget to take note of the notes that I have mentioned to protect the absolute health of family members. Good luck.

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