If the sugar jar is not carefully closed, the ants will crawl in right away, how to chase the ants out of the sugar jar? Today I would like to share with you how to get rid of ants from the sugar jar with just a few cloves of garlic.

Sugar is an ant’s favorite food, so as long as you fill the lid or forget to close the lid, the ants will come right away. The ants in the sugar jar can’t be used, you have to find a way to drive the ants out, if not, you have to leave the sugar jar.

The smell of garlic is one of the smells that ants hate. so where there is garlic there will be no ants. It is possible to take advantage of the garlic cloves available in the kitchen to chase ants out of the sugar jar, which is both economical and very simple.

How to chase ants out of sugar jars with garlic

First you peel 1-2 cloves of garlic, you can leave the peel on, then smash garlic cloves Let the essence in the garlic release the smell.

How to chase ants out of sugar jars with garlicHow to chase ants out of sugar jars with garlic

Then you Put the crushed garlic clove inside the sugar jarthe ant will automatically crawl out of the sugar jar without any left.

Ants in the sugar jar just put this in and the ants run away

Until the ants crawl out, take out the garlic, this garlic clove can be used for cooking as usual.

Note: Put the garlic in the sugar jar, but do not close the lid to allow the ants to crawl out. You can combine it with knocking on the wall of the sugar jar to make the ants crawl out faster.

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It’s that simple, no need to throw away the sugar jar because of the ants, with a few cloves of garlic, it’s easy to drive the ants out of the sugar jar.