You must have had many headaches because the glue stains on clothes are difficult to remove. Let’s pocket the secret to dealing with this problem at home!

Due to the specific structure of different glues, we will have different solutions suitable for that type of glue.

firstRemove glue from craft glue

For craft glues with the main ingredient being water, or containing gelatin ingredients, It’s relatively easy to remove glue from clothes. Most of these glues are soluble in water, so you Just wash it with water or add soap and detergent to remove the adhesive completely.

Step 1: When detecting glue on clothes, you need to calmly wait for 15 – 30 minutes for the glue to dry. Attempting to remove the glue as soon as it is attached can cause the glue to spread further and be more difficult to remove.

Step 2: Use a spoon to remove the dried glue from the surface of the garment. You will get most of the adhesive on the surface and only a little glue will be left on the fabric for the next cleaning step.

Step 3: Pour a little detergent mixed with water and apply to the stain, then use a small brush to gently scrub the stain. Then you leave the clothes on for about 15 minutes.

Step 4: Wash clothes in cold water because hot water can cause residual glue to stick more tightly to the fibers of the fabric.

At this step, you can put the clothes in the machine and use washing water to save time

2Remove glue from silicone glue, wood glue, etc.

Step 1: Locate the glued clothing and pour perfume over these areas. Use a thin cloth to wipe away the glue stains on the clothes, you can clean about 90% of the stains.

Step 2: Due to the characteristics, the glue stains often stick deep and deep in the fabric. So you need to do step 1 one more time to completely clean the glue.

Step 3: After the glue stain has been completely removed, continue to immerse the area in the wash basin. This will remove all gasoline stains on the clothes, avoiding damage to the fabric.

Step 4: You can repeat the above steps if the adhesive is not completely removed. Then take the clothes to wash as usual and hang to dry.

3Remove glue 502 on clothes

Glue 502 is suitable for gluing plastic or metal articles and in the glue contains a number of chemical components and compounds that increase the adhesive ability of the product.

The negative side of the product, because if you accidentally make glue stick on clothes or skin, It is very difficult to remove the glue stains. PVC glue when left on clothes for a long time not only makes the fabric dry, but also makes your clothes unsightly and unusable.

Method 1: Use margarine ingredients

Step 1: Use your hand to apply butter to the area of ​​​​the clothes that are glued to 502 glue, then wait for 15 minutes for the butter to absorb and the flowers to dissolve the 502 glue.

In the process of waiting, you can use your fingertips to gently rub the glued area to speed up the dissolution process.

Step 2: After the butter absorbs and dissolves the stain, wash your clothes as usual.

Method 2: Use cooking oil ingredients

Step 1: Absorb cooking oil into a paper towel and lightly dab on 502 glue stains on clothes.

Note: you must make a circular motion to avoid getting the oil on other areas of the clothes and focus the force to completely clean the 502 glue.

If it is a rough fabric, you can use a toothbrush to rub it instead of rubbing it with your hands to increase the effectiveness of removing glue stains.

Step 3: Then you wash the clothes as usual.

Method 3: Use Acetone chemical

Acetone is also known as nail remover. In acetone, there is a glue-dissolving compound that helps you solve this problem.

Step 1: You soak the area of ​​​​clothes with 502 glue to soften the glue.

Step 2: Use soft paper to absorb Aceton into the glued area and rub it gently. Then use a brush to gently scrub with soft bristles to rub into the adhesive stain to penetrate Aceton into the fabric to quickly peel off the glue.

Step 3: If the 502 glue stain is too thick, you can absorb acetone several times and repeat the above action until it disappears completely, then stop and wash the clothes with specialized washing powder.

Note: The operations need to be done quickly because acetone is very volatile.

Method 4: Use A95 gasoline (or aromatic gasoline)

Removing 502 glue stains on clothes with gasoline 95 does the same thing as with acetone solution.

First wet the clothes and then apply gasoline on the area with 502 glue stains and leave for about 1 minute for the acetone in the gasoline to dissolve the glue.

Then take the clothes to wash.

Note: You need to pay attention, the acetone content in gasoline is very strong and can discolor clothes, so this method should only be done with white clothes to avoid patchy fading. If it is colored clothes, try to apply one of the above methods.

Method 5: Use a hair dryer

You turn on the hair dryer on hot setting and blow on the 502 glue effect area so that they do not stick to the clothes.

Then use a soft paper to blot the remaining glue on the clothes.

Note: this method only works with new 502 glue stains on clothes, which are still wet.

When drying, you should adjust the distance between the dryer and the clothes for just the right amount of heat, avoid being too close to the heat that can degrade the fabric causing shrinkage or wrinkling.

Method 6: Use sandpaper

You rub sandpaper on the dried 502 glue stains on the clothes until they disappear completely.

Note: the property of sandpaper is very strong friction that can fray and tear the fabric, so this method is only used on hard, rough fabrics. The operation must be gentle and precise so as not to affect the surrounding area.

Absolutely do not perform on soft fabrics.

Method 7: Use anti-rust oil combined with acetone

As mentioned above, acetone evaporates very quickly, otherwise manual manipulation will not bring results.

Implementation: Mix acetone and anti-rust oil in a ratio of 1: 1, then use a soft paper to absorb and apply to the glued area and gently rub.

Washing clothes is the last step.

There are many ways to solve the headache from glue, right? Good luck with your stain removal with these tips!

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