Glue 502 has very high adhesion, which is beneficial for us to use to paste objects. But it’s annoying if the glue “accidentally” sticks to the plastic. This article helps you to remove 502 glue stains on plastic both safely and easily.

You must be having a headache how to remove 502 glue stains on plastic items without damaging the object. But unfortunately, 502 glue sticks on plastic, with only cooking oil, ice, hair dryer, dishwashing liquid or Cif you can easily clean it.

firstUse cooking oil to remove glue stains

This is one of the very simple and effective ways to handle 502 glue on plastic. You pour a little cooking oil into the bowl, then take a little cotton or rag soaked in cooking oil on the glue and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Cooking oil has the ability to lose the friction and adhesion of the glue quite effectively. After waiting for the oil to absorb, use a dry towel to wipe the glue stain will disappear completely.

2Use the Cif . multi-purpose bleach bottle

Many people mistakenly believe that using gasoline, acetone to remove glue stains on plastic is as effective as on other surfaces. using Cif multi-function eraser and scrub pad instead of gasoline, it will take longer but it is safe for the device, the job is still the same, wish you success if you find it useful, please share to help us. .

3Use ice to make the glue brittle 502

You apply ice on the glued surface, wait for the glue to become more brittle, and then use hard plastic to remove it. Unpleasant glue stains will be cleaned up immediately.

4Use dishwashing liquid and warm water

Dishwashing liquid combined with warm water is also a great choice for removing glue stains. The principle of cleaning the glue of this way is also based on the cleaning properties of dishwashing liquid combined with the temperature of warm water to make the glue peel off quickly.

You put a little dishwashing liquid on the towel and then wipe it on the glue, the next step is to use a towel dipped in warm water to wipe it back and forth 2-3 times, the glue will disappear.

5Use a hair dryer

Use a hair dryer, which is a bit hot. If you’re using a regular machine, close the air inlet – the spot at the bottom of the dryer so that the air blows out hot enough. Dry it directly on the spot where the 502 glue is stuck, it will smoke by itself. Finally, you use a towel to absorb the remaining glue.

Above are 5 tips to help you remove 502 glue stains on plastic surfaces and still keep the aesthetics of the items. In order not to have a headache to remove the glue, when working with 502 glue, be very careful, you can add items to cover the part that does not need to be manipulated.