Peeling fruit is too simple, to add an eye-catching and attractive part to the fruit plate. Today I will show you how to prune beautiful and simple heart-shaped fruits that anyone can do.

Instead of the usual ways of peeling fruit, now under skillful and creative hands, you can freely decorate your left plate with different styles that are eye-catching and vivid. We often marvel when we see pictures of beautiful fruit pruning, now you can create your own unique heart-shaped fruit pruning works that are extremely simple.

firstUse a heart shaped mold

How to prune beautiful heart-shaped fruits that are simple, anyone can do it

Step 1: You wash the fruit thoroughly and dry it.

Step 2: Cut the fruit into bite-sized slices, place them on top of each other, then place the heart-shaped cutter on top, press firmly to cut into heart-shaped fruit slices.

Step 3: Arrange the fruit on a plate and enjoy.

With the use of pruning tools, you can perform them on many different fruits such as apples, strawberries, guava, mangoes, watermelons, kiwis, etc. Note, during the slicing process, you should not cut too thin because if it is too thin, the fruit is easy to break if you are not careful.

2Use bamboo toothpicks

How to prune beautiful heart-shaped fruits that are simple, anyone can do it

For round, small and succulent fruits such as grapes, raspberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, etc., you do not need to use a pruning tool to still produce extremely cute and beautiful heart shapes.

Step 1: The fruit you bring is washed and dried.

Step 2: Take a fruit and place it on a cutting board, use a knife to cut the fruit at an angle of about 45 degrees. Then you take another fruit of the same type and cut it in the opposite direction.

Step 3: Finally you assemble 2 halves Just cut to make a heart shape, then secure with a toothpick. Very simple and easy to do, isn’t it?

So with just 2 simple ways, you have pocketed yourself a very simple way to cut heart-shaped fruits and look very attractive, right? Remember to save a reference for each store you need to use to make your meal more lively and fresh.

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