Adidas sports shoes are famous for being durable and loved by many people. However, no matter how good or durable they are, you still need to clean and maintain them properly to make your shoes more durable.

Adidas shoes are loved by many young people because of their dynamic and youthful style, design. However, if you are inexperienced in cleaning, it will quickly get old and discolored. Don’t worry too much, the following article would like to share with you How to properly clean adidas shoes?.

firstShould Adidas shoes be washed?

Just like other shoes, Adidas shoes need to be washed and cleaned to ensure they are not smelly and unsightly as well as prone to damage. Not only should but should be washed Adidas shoes, because they are affected by many factors both inside and out such as dirt, sunlight, sweat, … But when washing, to make sure not to damage the shoes. shoes, you need to pay attention to washing Adidas shoes properly and properly.

Should Adidas shoes be washed?Should Adidas shoes be washed?

2How to wash Adidas shoes by type of shoe

Tools to prepare

How to clean Adidas sneakers

How to clean Adidas sneakersRemove excess dirt

  • Step 2: Use a soft brush, like a toothbrush, to remove any remaining stains.

How to clean Adidas sneakersWipe off

  • Step 3: Mix a little mild detergent with warm water then use a towel dipped in that solution and wipe the stain.

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How to clean Adidas sneakersWipe shoes with detergent solution

How to clean Adidas sneakersComplete shoe cleaning

Step 6: Lace up and put the lining back on when the shoes are dry, so your shoes are as clean as new.

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How to clean Adidas canvas shoes

How to clean Adidas canvas shoes Adidas canvas shoes

Cloth shoes bring comfort to the wearer, but it is very easy to get dirt, cleaning it is not easy if you do not know how to clean, so try the following.

  • Step 5: In order for the shoes to keep their original shape, you can stuff some paper, newspaper or dry towels inside the shoes. Then leave them indoors in a warm place out of direct sunlight as this will cause the shoes to discolor, or warp.

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How to clean suede Adidas shoes

How to clean suede Adidas shoesAdidas suede shoes

Suede shoes under the adidas brand are thick, high-quality products. However, this type of shoe has the disadvantage that it is very easy to get dirty. So to solve all the stains on adidas suede shoes, follow the steps below.

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3How to care for Adidas shoes after washing

How to care for Adidas shoes after washingYou need to know how to use and store them to be able to use them longer

In addition to cleaning shoes, you need to know how to use and preserve them so that they can be used longer:

  • Do not soak shoes in water for too long Because the water will loosen the shoe glue. You can use the faucet to quickly spray dirt. Using a dryer will make shoes lose their form, damage shoes.

  • Do not leave your shoes in a humid place, Shoes that take a long time to dry will cause yellowing and bad odors. Not to mention the shoe material will quickly rot. You can use newspaper or desiccant packs in some cake boxes to absorb moisture inside the shoes.

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>>How to clean suede shoes quickly

>>How to wash white shoes never yellow

>>White leather shoes are dirty and this is the standard way to clean without adjustment