To properly care for newborn skin, mothers need to understand the characteristics of their baby’s skin. Many parents think that, if they want their baby’s skin to be smooth and rosy, they don’t need to take care of them, but that mistake does not cause little children to experience skin damage. In this article, GREEN Department Store will show you the safest and most scientific way to care for your baby’s skin.

firstUnderstand your baby’s skin properly

A baby's skin is very thin, has less moisture and sebum than an adult, so it is easily damaged and dehydrated.

Baby’s skin is very thin, has less moisture and sebum than adults, so it is very vulnerable to damage and dehydration. Parents need to know that taking care of their baby’s skin is related to the development of the senses and nerves. When your baby has an allergy, the skin will have symptoms of itching, rash, leading to dryness, cracking or bleeding, especially in the summer. Therefore, the baby’s skin needs to be carefully taken care of.

2Skin care skills and procedures for children

1. Try washing powder

Laundry detergent is also one of the causes of itching, discomfort, and allergic reactions. Parents can test their baby’s skin reaction by washing their baby’s shirt or pants with detergent and conditioner. Wait a few days after your baby wears it to see if the skin reacts. If the baby’s skin is fine, continue washing the rest of the clothes.

In case, the baby’s skin has a red rash or is dry in layers, you need to switch to another washing powder or fabric softener. You can buy a type of washing powder, conditioner only for children will be better. In addition, you also need to soak the baby’s clothes with conditioner to avoid the baby wearing dry clothes that will harm the skin.

2. Do not bathe your baby every day

Do not bathe your baby every day

The way to keep your baby’s skin soft is to not bathe your baby every day. Because babies do not need to bathe much because they are not inherently exposed to much dirt. Bathing your baby too much will strip moisture from the baby’s skin. In addition, should keep the baby’s private area clean. As for bathing, it only takes 2-3 times a week, or wipe the baby’s body with a soft, clean towel.

To keep the moisture of the baby’s skin, after each bath, you should rub the baby’s skin with a little moisturizing water specifically for babies, these substances penetrate into the baby’s pores to help soften the baby’s skin.

3. Change diapers often

New diapers need to be changed often for babies, every 4 hours (average more than 6 diapers/day).

Most mothers choose diapers for their babies to save time and clean the baby. However, it is necessary to change diapers often for babies, every 4 hours (average more than 6 diapers/day). Besides, you regularly check to see if your baby has a bowel movement and then change diapers, to avoid the baby will have a diaper rash for a long time.

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Skin care for babies requires parents to be patient, hardworking and selective. It is not advisable to apply all the secrets of baby skin care properly, but it is necessary to be selective to be more suitable for your baby’s skin.

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