Owning a pair of suede shoes is not difficult, it is important to know how to use and maintain your suede shoes to be durable over time. Take a look at how to take care of your suede shoes below!

Suede is a leather material that has won the hearts of many men, it may be that this leather shoe is not “slick” or “sparkling” like a shiny leather shoe, but it gives the wearer a very personal style. quality and level. However, suede shoes need to be meticulous and careful in preserving them, because if you apply the maintenance of ordinary shoes, you will quickly see the consequences. So when preserving suede shoes, you need to adhere to the following principles:

firstDo not use newspaper with letters to absorb moisture

To absorb moisture for shoes, especially newly cleaned shoes, many people choose to use newspapers with letters inside the shoes to absorb moisture, but when wet, the words on the newspaper will print on the suede layer, losing its aesthetics. as well as the beauty of the shoes. So if you have a paper lined with desiccant, you should choose white paper.

2Avoid high temperature

When drying shoes after cleaning, you should not use a heater, a dryer, or expose them to strong sunlight because the high temperature will affect the leather, so the best way is to let the shoes dry naturally or Dry in the gentle sunlight to make the shoes last longer.

Avoid high temperatureAvoid high temperature

3Store shoes in a dry place

Suede shoes are inherently “allergic” to water, because when exposed to water or high humidity, the shoes will be damaged very quickly, if your shoes are more durable, the best way is to store it in a dry place, Avoid moisture and moisture, especially keep it on the shoe cabinet to avoid direct contact with the floor, it will absorb moisture and deteriorate faster.

4Do not go when it rains

If you want to go out on a rainy day, do not choose to wear suede shoes because it will quickly deteriorate and affect the aesthetics of the shoes. Instead of wearing suede shoes, choose a pair of shiny leather shoes, because they will be much easier to clean than suede shoes.

5Only wipe suede shoes with a soft cloth or dry paper

Some of you choose to wipe suede shoes with a wet towel, but this is a completely wrong action because the wet towel not only does not clean the stains on the suede, but on the contrary, it causes the stain to spread to the area next to the towel. Wet shoes contain alcohol, which will make the leather of the shoes dry, so to protect your suede shoes, choose a soft cloth or dry paper to clean the shoes.

6Use protective glue/cream

Brushing on suede shoes with a layer of special glue / cream for this type of shoes right after you buy it will help create a protective layer that prevents dust and water from sticking to the shoes. However, it should be noted that it only helps to limit, not completely avoid, so when it rains, it is still not advisable to wear suede shoes outside.

7Transport skillfully when away

In case you want to take the shoes with you on a long trip, please note the skillful transport and it is best not to put it in a plastic bag because it is easily steamed so your first choice is to leave it. into a paper bag to keep the shoes dry.

Above are some ways to help you keep your suede shoes as beautiful as new, try to see its effectiveness!