Peeling an egg sounds simple, but it takes a long time to peel and is often broken inside the egg, making the egg not intact. Today I would like to share how to peel eggs quickly and still have eggs.

Boiled eggs are a familiar dish in family meals, on New Year’s Day, stewed meat cannot be without boiled eggs. Today I would like to share how to peel eggs super fast and intact eggs with a glass.

first How to peel an egg with a glass

Step 1 After boiling the eggs, Place the egg on a flat cutting board Or table top. Afterward Turn the glass upside down and shake well.

Place the eggs on a cutting board and place them upside down with a glassPlace the eggs on a cutting board and place them upside down with a glass

Step 2 Just Shake a few times and the eggshell is softat this time peel very quickly.

You can use a larger glass to shake more eggs at once.

Shake the glass and peel itShake the glass and peel it

2 Peel eggs by rolling

Step 1 Friend Boil eggs and let them cool completely. Next, you hold the egg horizontally Already break eggs on the table for the eggshell to come off.

Hold the egg horizontallyHold the egg horizontally

Step 2 Friend Use your hand to apply a bit of force Already roll the egg forward. Next to you Roll the egg on the opposite side.

After the eggshell has been cracked, use your hands Peel off the shell and pull to the sides. Next you Wash the eggs again with water so that the surface of the egg does not have eggshell debris attached to it.

Crush and roll eggsCrush and roll eggs

3 Peel eggs with plastic bottles/plastic boxes

Peel eggs with plastic bottlesPeel eggs with plastic bottles

Step 1 Friend boiled eggs and let cool. Next to you put eggs in 1 plastic bottle or plastic box And thAdd a little water to cover the eggs.

Step 2 You use Take the cap and close the mouth of the bottle Already shake many times until the eggshell cracks. Finally you take the egg out of the glass, peel eggs gentle and carry eggs Rinse thoroughly with water is completed.

Good tip:
To do this successfully, the step of boiling eggs is very important, when boiling eggs, add a little salt to the boiling water so it will make it easier to peel.

It’s simple and fast, isn’t it, immediately apply 3 ways to peel eggs with available kitchen tools. Don’t forget to follow Bach Khoa XANH to update more useful information. Good luck!

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