Fried meat is an attractive dish that many people like, but when made at home, it is not as delicious. This article will show you how to marinate fried cutlets so that they are as delicious and soft as they are sold here!

Fried cutlet is delicious, easy to eat and easy to make. When the meat is marinated properly, it will be soft and delicious, when fried, it will be less burnt and will be succulent and not dry. Just a few more steps when marinating, we have a delicious fried cutlet, let’s do it right away!

Fried cutlet

10 minutes
30 minutes
Intended for
2 – 3 people

firstIngredients for making fried cutlets

2Steps to make fried cutlets

Step 1 Process materials

The pork chops you buy and then wash. Then, you make a mixture of water including 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of salt, 2 tablespoons of pepper and enough water to soak the ribs. Soak the ribs in this mixture for about 3 hours Let the vermicelli be tender.

After soaking for enough time, take out the ribs, drain the water and start marinating.

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Process materialsProcess materials

Step 2 Marinated ribs

Friend Marinate ribs with 3 spoons of soy sauce, 1 spoon of satay, 1 spoon of honey, half a spoon of MSG and marinate for about 15-20 minutes.

For tender ribs, you should marinate with honey instead of sugar, and do not use salt when marinating. Salt will make the meat firmer and tougher. Besides, to prevent the meat from burning, we also do not use minced onions and garlic. You do not need to worry that the meat will not be fragrant, because when soaked with pepper, the meat is already fragrant. If you like your fried meat more flavorful, you can use more garlic powder.

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Marinated ribsMarinated ribs

Step 3 Fried ribs

Heat a pan with 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, when the oil is hot, add the ribs and fry on high heat. You fry one side until golden brown and then turn to the other side, so that both sides of the meat are fried until golden brown.

Fried ribsFried ribs

When both sides of the meat are golden brown, lower the heat and fry on low heat Let the meat cook inside. Frying this way, our ribs will not be dehydrated because the outside of the cooked ribs will help keep the water inside, so our ribs will be very tender without being dry or tough. .

Fry on low heat until the ribs are cooked and the color is beautiful, then turn off the heat.

3Finished product

Finished fried cutlet meatFinished fried cutlet meat

4How to choose to buy fresh cutlet ribs

  • When you buy ribs at the market, you should go to the market early to easily choose a good piece of ribs, because the temperature and storage conditions at the market can easily spoil the meat.
  • Should choose the type with thick meat, small bones, with a bit of fat so that when processing the meat, it will be softer and more delicious. However, you should not choose ribs with too small bones because the pig is not big enough, so the ribs are not delicious and can not guarantee that it is a healthy pig.
  • You should choose fresh cutlet ribs, light pink in color, press with your hands to have elasticity, not too dark or ivory green.
  • Choose to buy ribs at reputable stores, supermarkets, food stores or reputable e-commerce sites

That’s it, the delicious fried cutlet is finished. With this marinade, the ribs will have a sweet and salty taste mixed with extremely attractive spicy, the ribs will be very soft and delicious.

Hope you are succesful.