With a yogurt maker, you will have a smooth, delicious, and nutritious yogurt batch that’s even better than in the store. Let’s learn how to make yogurt with a machine!

5-6 hours
15 minutes
Intended for
4 persons

Yogurt is a safe and very good food for the body. The growth of bacterial species in yogurt is really good for the digestive system and protects us from disease-causing bacteria. Besides, yogurt also helps to beautify the skin for women.

Let’s learn how to make yogurt very easily with a machine.

first Ingredients for making smooth yogurt

Ingredients for making smooth yogurtIngredients for making smooth yogurt

2 How to make yogurt with a smooth yogurt maker

Step 1 Making yogurt

First, put 250ml of boiling water in a large bowl 250ml condensed milk in a bowl and stir until the condensed milk has dissolved. Then add 500ml of fresh milk and stir well

Use a spoon to stir the yogurt box and then slowly add the yogurt to the original milk mixture, stirring well.

Note: If you want to eat less sweet, you can learn how to make unsweetened yogurt using fresh milk and unsweetened yogurt.

Making yogurtMaking yogurt

Step 2 Incubate milk in the machine

When the yogurt is completely dissolved, pour the mixture into the prepared glass cups, close the lids, and put the cups into the yogurt maker. Pour about of warm water into the incubator, Cover the machine and plug in the power to incubate for 5-6 hours.

Incubate milk in the machineIncubate milk in the machine

Step 3 Finished product

So the machine-made yogurt is finished. You store yogurt in the refrigerator to taste better and keep longer.

Delicious machine-made yogurtDelicious machine-made yogurt


With just a simple way, you have completed the machine-made yogurt. The dish looks so attractive that everyone wants to try it right away. What are you waiting for without going to the kitchen to show off your talents for the whole family!

Hopefully, through the above sharing of Bach Khoa XANH, you can make your own delicious and attractive yogurt right away. Good luck with this recipe!

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