Nestle weaning powder is chosen by many mothers for their babies, let’s refer to how to mix Nestle weaning powder with the right taste for babies below.

At the age of 6 months, in addition to breast milk, babies begin to eat solid foods to be supplemented with a variety of food sources to help their comprehensive development. One of the weaning powders that many Vietnamese mothers trust and use for themselves is nestle weaning powder. However, mothers need to learn how to properly mix the powder to ensure maximum nutrition for the baby.

How to make the right Nestle baby powder for babies


How to make Nestle powder

Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

Step 2: Clean the tools to make powder including cups and spoons (spoon), you can dip the above tools into a pot of hot water and then take them out.

Step 3: Put 50g of nestle weaning powder into the bowl.

Step 4: Pour in the prepared water with a spoon, stir well with your hands until the powder is dissolved and smooth.

How to make the right Nestle baby powder for babies

Step 5: Start feeding your baby.

Note: It is necessary to check the water temperature before making the powder, so the water should not be too hot, it will lose the beneficial bacteria and nutrients in the milk, if the water is too cold, the dough will be lumpy and not cooked evenly.

Above is the correct way to mix nestle weaning powder. Please save to have more experience making baby powder to keep the full flavor and nutrients good for your baby’s health and development!

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