Let’s change the taste for home meals with delicious and strange sweet and sour pineapple fried ribs. How to do it will be revealed right in this article.

Sweet and sour pineapple fried ribs

15 minutes
20 minutes
Intended for
3-4 people

Stir-fried pineapple ribs with sweet and sour taste, very stimulating taste. Rib vermicelli is fried to a delicious golden color, covered with a glossy sweet and sour sauce, combined with succulent pineapple to make the dish even more attractive. With how to make sweet and sour ribs with pineapple in just 40 minutes, you have a delicious dish for the rice tray, let’s start right away.

firstIngredients for sweet and sour fried ribs with pineapple

Ingredients for sweet and sour fried ribs with pineappleIngredients for sweet and sour fried ribs with pineapple

2How to make sweet and sour ribs with pineapple

Step 1 Process materials

Young ribs after buying, you wash with water and salt to clean, drain and then marinate with a little seasoning for the ribs to absorb. Pineapple you cut into bite-sized pieces and marinated with a little sugar and seasoning.

Note: In order for the dish to be delicious, you need to know how to choose good ribs.

Process materialsProcess materials

Step 2 Fried ribs

After marinating the ribs for about 10 minutes, you put them in the frying pan until golden brown so that the ribs are cooked. You take note The amount of oil for frying the ribs is about half submerged so that the fried ribs don’t dry out Please. When the ribs are cooked, take them out and set aside.

Step 3 Finished sweet and sour pineapple ribs

You dissolve 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 tablespoon fish sauce and 1 tablespoon chili sauce to make sweet and sour sauce.

Heat up the pan with cooking oil, then fry the minced onion and garlic until fragrant, then add the ribs and stir-fry with the prepared sweet and sour sauce.

After mixing well with your hands, the sauce has evenly covered the ribs, then add the pineapple and stir-fry together. Keep the heat low and stir-fry until the sauce thickens and sticks to the ribs, the pineapple is just cooked.

So our dish is done.

3Finished product

Put the sweet and sour pineapple fried ribs on a plate, the shiny golden brown ribs are covered with a very attractive sweet and sour sauce, add the pineapple that has been sautéed until it is extremely succulent. This dish is great to eat with white rice.

With a simple way to make sweet and sour ribs, delicious and undefeated, let’s go to the kitchen and start right away! Hope you are successful.

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