Ginkgo stewed beef is a delicious and extremely nutritious dish. Let’s go to the kitchen with Bach Hoa GREEN to learn how to make super nutritious ginkgo beef stew for the whole family!

30 minutes
40 minutes
Intended for
3-4 people

Ginkgo stewed beef is not only a dish with an attractive taste but also has great nutritional value. With just a few simple steps, you can completely make this dish yourself at home. Let’s find out now!

firstIngredients for ginkgo stewed beef

Ingredients for ginkgo stewed beefIngredients for ginkgo stewed beef

Good tip:
When choosing to buy beef, you should choose the parts with red rose color, no pale spots or unpleasant odors. Fresh and delicious beef usually has good elasticity. You can use your finger to gently press down on the meat to check. If the meat recovers quickly and leaves no pits, it’s good quality and tasty meat.

2How to make ginkgo beef stew

Step 1 Processing beef

Cow’s muscle after buying about you Wash and boil briefly with hot water and ginger for about 5 minutes to completely remove odors and dirt.

Then you take out the beef cut into bite-sized pieces about 1cm thick.

Finally, you put the cut beef in a bowl, marinate it with 1 tablespoon seasoning in about 15-20 minutes to infuse the seasoning.

Processing beefProcessing beef

Good tip:
When cutting beef, you should cut horizontally To avoid tough beef. When cut across the grain, the cuts of the meat will be rolls of meat that are stacked closely together, creating shorter and easier-to-eat meat strands. Cutting the meat in this way also helps the meat quickly absorb the spices when marinating and reduces the cooking time.

Step 2 Prep the remaining ingredients

Ginkgo When you buy it, you peel off the shell, discard the heart. Dang ginseng then wash and dry.

Red apples and dried goji berries Then you should soak with clean water before processing for about 7-10 minutes for them to soften.

Taro Wash, peel and cut into bite-sized pieces. When cutting taro, you should Prepare a bowl of clean water, then put about 1 tablespoon of salt in the bowl then stir. Every time you finish cutting, you should immediately put taro in a bowl of salt water to remove the acrid sap and not be bruised!

Prep the remaining ingredientsPrep the remaining ingredients

Step 3 Beef stew

You wick a pot on the stove, then put beef and 500ml fresh coconut water and together, stew over medium heat for about 30 minutes until the meat is tender. When the water in the pot boils, use a spatula to remove all the foam.

Then you add it to the pot 100g taro, 30g ginkgo, 15g iso ginseng and 30g red apple pre-prepared, stew for about 15 minutes with medium heat until the ingredients are cooked evenly.

Beef stewBeef stew

Step 4 Tasting spices

You put it in the pot 1/2 tbsp seasoning, 1 tbsp ketchup and 15g goji berries soaked and stirred.

Then you continue to mix the mixture of 1 tbsp tapioca starch and 2 tbsp water In a bowl, stir well and add to the pot of meat. Cook for about 5 more minutes until everything is cooked, then turn off the heat.

Tasting spicesTasting spices

Step 5 Finished product

You scoop the cooked beef into a bowl. Dish Ginkgo stewed beef after completion yes the color looks very eye-catching. The aroma emanating from this dish is also extremely attractive.

Finished productFinished product


So the ginkgo corn stew is complete! When you eat, you will feel the taste soft, delicious taste of beef with The sweet taste of red apple and the fleshy taste of ginkgovery stimulating taste.

You can enjoy ginkgo beef stew with hot rice or vermicelli.


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