Hot pot is a delicious dish and extremely easy to make. Let’s change the taste for family meals with the delicious hot pot dish shared in this article!

Hot pot dipping is a simple hot pot dish from ingredients to cooking method. With the combination of meats and vegetables, the whole family can be provided with enough nutrients and still have a delicious meal. The process is extremely simple, it only takes 20 minutes and we are done!

firstIngredients for dipping hot pot for 3 people

2How to cook delicious mixed hot pot at home

Step 1: Process materials

Beef and bacon, you wash them with water and sliced ​​thin. Octopus, you clean with water, then use wine or ginger for washing to help the octopus remove fishy smell. Then you cut the octopus into bite-sized pieces.

The crab stick is cut into pieces, the tofu is cut into small pieces, and the seasoning vegetables are finely chopped to add more flavor to the dish.

Process materialsProcess materials

Step 2: Cooking hot pot

Put some cooking oil in the pot, then you Sauteed red onion and minced chili. When the ingredients are fragrant, you add the broth with tofu and season the spices to taste and taste.

When the hot pot is boiling, add the seasoning vegetables and turn off the stove. Our hot pot is ready.

How to make super delicious hot pot to treat the family on the weekend

3Finished product

Put the hot pot in a smaller pot and bring it to a boil, one by one, dip the previously prepared vegetables and meat into the hot pot until tender. just ripe then take it out. When eaten, the ingredients that have just been cooked will keep their fresh and attractive taste. This dish goes well with vermicelli or noodles.

How to make super delicious hot pot to treat the family on the weekend