Today, Bach Khoa GREEN will show you how to make simple milk pudding with just 3 quick steps. Let’s go to the kitchen!

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Milk pudding has a delicious taste, soft and cool cake, everyone loves it. Today, GREEN SHOP would like to tell you how to make quick pudding from Yomost yogurt!

firstIngredients for making milk pudding

Ingredients for making milk puddingIngredients for making milk pudding

2How to make milk pudding

Step 1 Mix pudding mix

First, please give 14g gelatin powder In a bowl, add a little cold water to soak until the gelatin swells. Next, you give 3 milk cartons Place in a saucepan, heat on low heat until the milk is warm. When the milk is warm enough, add the soaked gelatin powder to the milk, stirring until the powder is completely dissolved.

Mix pudding mixMix pudding mix

Step 2 Pour the pudding mold

Use the yogurt box to pour the cake mold. You put the milk in a glass with a spout to easily pour the milk mixture into the box. Let the milk cool, you Put the pudding box in the refrigerator for about 3 hours let the pudding freeze.

Pour the pudding moldPour the pudding mold

Step 3 Finished product

So your milk pudding is done. You can put the cake on a plate or eat it directly in the box.

Finished productFinished product


Milk pudding flavored soft, squishy very cute. Cake Yogurt flavor, moderate sweetness, combined with mild sour taste so you don’t get bored. Cake with cool sweetness so very refreshing.

Milk puddingMilk pudding

Watch the clip Tik Tok how to make milk pudding!

Above is a recipe for making milk pudding that is cool and refreshing on a summer day that Bach Khoa GREEN wants to send to you. Wish you success!

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