Currently on the market there are many types of scented bags to help freshen rooms, clothes or help repel insects. You can also make your own scented sachets from your favorite ingredients and scents.

With just dried flowers, natural oils, coffee or orange peels and a few other simple ingredients, you can make your own scented bag that not only has your favorite scent but is also safe.

firstHow to make fragrant bags from dried flowers

Make scented bags from dried flowersMake scented bags from dried flowers

Fragrant bags made from dried flowers are favored by women thanks to their natural fragrance and eye-catching colors depending on the type of flower. Popular flowers are added like rose, lavender, jasmine, etc.


– Dried flowers, you can use fresh flowers and then dry them yourself.

– Scent of your favorite essential oils.

– Ready-made perfume bags or self-made bags.


First, you put 1/2 the amount of flowers in the bag and then add essential oils to the flowers to flavor them. Then, you add the amount of flowers to fill the bag, then add essential oils and mix well for the flowers to absorb the scent. Finally, you tie the bag or use a needle to sew the bag carefully.

2How to make a coffee aroma bag

Make a coffee aroma bagMake a coffee aroma bag

How to make a coffee aroma bag is very simple, you can make this aroma bag at home in just 5 minutes.


You prepare about 100g of your favorite coffee beans. Then pour the coffee beans into the bag and tighten the mouth of the bag. If you want to decorate more, pour 1/2 the amount of coffee and then decorate. So you have completed a coffee aroma bag in just a moment.

3How to make herbal scented sachets

Make herbal scented sachetsMake herbal scented sachets

The scent from cinnamon, anise, pine, aromatic grass, agarwood, grapefruit seeds, … makes us feel comfortable, relax and sleep more deeply. In addition, many herbs also have the effect of repelling insects. The way to make aroma bags from herbs is similar to making aroma bags from coffee beans.

You can buy pre-dried herbs or dry them yourself at home.


You just need to put the dried herbs in the bag, decorate to your liking and tighten the mouth of the bag. Herbal scented sachets are easy to make, right?

4How to make a bag of orange peel

Make a bag of orange peelsMake a bag of orange peels

Pleasant aroma from fruits rich in vitamin C such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, … both help relax and repel mosquitoes.


You prepare the orange peel and then add 30 drops of orange essential oil to the dried peel for flavoring. Then, put the orange peel into the bag and tie the bag tightly to complete.

So we have made a fragrant bag, very simple, right? Finally, put them in your closet, drawer or anywhere you want, to enjoy the wonderful scent of natural essential oils! Good luck!

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